Private ! Cece's Diary :)

A 16 year old teenager decided to create a new friend ; a private journal. She expresses emotions, feelings and secrets such teenagers have.


3. 20th August 2012


What will be a vacancy for those,  will be a hell for me. I cannot help but think what rumours will they invent to take my current friends so that they'll win. They are afraid that they'll lose their perfect & cool image cause i have more friends than they thought.I hate to lose and I'm not going to let them win! I hope that in whichever school I go to, they are not there so that I could start a fresh start with new friends ; no judgement! I didn't do any harm or anything wrong as far as I am concerned and that is why it hurts cause I know that I don't deserve it.


Another thing which is bothering me is N ! I wish to know him more but it keeps on backfiring. My brothers are hanging out with him everyday at summer school and they're great friends. It is not fair !! I want him :( 



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