Private ! Cece's Diary :)

A 16 year old teenager decided to create a new friend ; a private journal. She expresses emotions, feelings and secrets such teenagers have.


2. 15th August 2012


Just last Monday I turned 16. Well it wasn't as everyone pictured it...not even how I pictured it . It was a normal day ; pretty normal. I've decided ! I need to change my lifestyle, act like an adult more like a diva star. Soon going to high-school and so I have to be prepared , prepared to be more strong and ready to make new friends. That is reality. I will start to take control of every situation which is not in my favour. I will never be able to control what happens to me but I will be able to control how I feel about it and how to deal with it.   Another big problem is FRIENDS. Oh , I hate to remember how I wasted 3 years trying to build friendship with enemies. Without doubt it was useless and I didn't know that at the beginning. I thought that I had a shot ..but flops ! The thing is that I try to leave the past in the past but the internet, specifically Facebook doesn't help. They comment and laugh as if nothing happened ; as if they are the perfect but they aren't anymore to me. However they decide to treat me, I will not stab them back. I hope that it will make them feel guilty and so they do not repeat it on someone else.   Me going to sleep  Good night    Cece Luv - xoxo
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