Moments that last a lifetime

As the man of your dreams comes to visit you with a very big surprise, your life starts to become more worth while. Everything is great. What could possibly go wrong ?


1. The return

You are swinging on the swings down the road from your house when you hear a familiar voice come behind you. You smile towards the ground because even hearing his voice just makes you feel complete. You suddenly feel him tightly hug you and you cannot wipe the smile of your face. It's Niall ! He has flown into Australia to visit you for your 2 year anniversary. It's hard to be living in another country to the one you love but you know deep down its the best thing because it makes them moments that you see each that little bit more perfect. You turn around to hug him back and give him a gentle but passionate kiss on the lips. You then both sit on the swings telling each other everything that has happened since the last time he watched you walk onto the plane to come back home. You both end up laughing and talking for hours on end like you always do with never a dull moment in the conversation. It's now sunset and Niall decides to lay on the grass pulling you closely behind. When the sun is no more and there is only the night sky and beautiful twinkling stars left, Niall sits up and starts to speak with a nervous sound in his voice. "(Your name) , we have been together for 2 years now. You have made me smile 99% of that whole time. I'm hoping that we will have a lot more of these happy times and I get to experience more things with you standing beside me." he then starts to reach into his pocket still speaking with a nervous tone. "we are both still young so at this point until we believe that we are ready, I am hoping you will except this promise ring knowing that we will be having a very magical day sometime in the hopefully near future that we will never forget." You suddenly feel the way you felt when you first met him. You sit up and look at the ring with a huge smile on your face. It is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Niall surly knows what you like. Not to much but not to little. You look up to him and without even thinking, bust out a big massive YES ! You both then proceed into kissing each other very passionately while he puts the ring on your finger. After half an hour of looking up at the stars snuggling into each other, you and Niall both decide it's time to head back to yours as its getting late. You both spend the rest of the night snuggling in bed watching your favorite movies, eating popcorn and having little glances at your new gorgeous ring and the man of your dreams. 
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