3. the nightmares end

She can hear it approach behind her as the wind rustles in the trees and lifts the loose locks of her hair to dance across her face. She can see it now as it appears in front of her particles, portions then the whole animal materialises in front of her. The black nose; equally dark infinite eyes; the dark brown fur, matted and thick and long sharp black claws. Claws that are made to rip and tear their victim apart, leaving no room to escape.

She prayed, pleaded and begged for a swift end.

Blackness closes in, she can see nothing but the fear still claws at her, when will it end. She focuses on her heart and its loud erratic beat.

Lilly’s eyes shot open her heart still erratic but the trees are gone and the world beneath her is soft like a cloud, and the world above her shrouded in purple. Slowly she drifted off again.

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