Year one

Srry my chapters are long because I copy and paste from my notes :/


1. One year

Niall Imagine your boyfriend Niall Horan is coming back for the first time in months!you have been dating for 5 years! He calls an hour before he was supposed to leave, the flight was canceled! Later you hear a knock on your door and open it. To your surprise Niall is standing on the porch with Liam  and Louis in waiter costumes! (Zayn asleep in car) With a small table and candles! Your giggle and jump onto Niall's  arms! He Carrys you to the table and sits you down! And Harry runs in wearing a shefs hat, and gives you menues! Liam takes your orders. You both order cheese burgers. (the only thing on the menu) Louis comes out with your cheese burgers. You eat and catch up all afternoon! Later around 4:00 Zayn comes with a bag ad runs it to Niall smiles and says hi to you, and runs back out to the car! You ask Niall what that was about? He says "It was nothing!" you just shake your head. He asks if you want to rent a movie? You end up renting a horror movie. You aren't a fan but you Wanted Niall and the boys to be happy. When it came to the part in the Cemetery were the boy dies, you dig your head into Niall's chest. He starts playing with your hair and you calm down. You look up into his beautiful blue eyes and he softly kisses you. The movie ends and you drift of to sleep while laying on Niall's lap. (you in a deep sleep) Louis: just ask her!! Niall: what if she says no! 
Louis: ASK HER!!
Niall: ok 

*shakes your shoulder*
You: yes Niall
Niall: honey can you make me a sandwich
You: *giggle* I would love to!

*walk into kitchen*

While making sandwich Niall sneaks up behind you. And lifts you up in his arms! As your in the air He says "(Y/N) I love u and I want you to know you are all I think about when I am away! I want to go out tomorrow I'm taking you to the park!"

You: oh Niall you don't have to I know you love me! 

Niall: no I have to!

You: ok your sandwich is ready

Niall starts to eat while you go change and lay down on the couch. Niall comes in and lifts your head sits down and sets your head on his lap. You dose of and the boys come in.

Niall: shh!!
Harry: oh srry we are gonna stay ok
*you wake up*
Harry: (Y/N) an we stay?!
You: *you smile* yes Harry!

Boys lay down on the floor and fall asleep!

*next morning*

Niall wakes you up with a song and a kiss. He already had pancakes and sausage made for you! 

You: Niall your so sweet!
Niall: I know now get ready to go to the park!
You: ok! Were are the boys?!
Niall: the went out I guess!

After you eat you head off to the park.  You get there and Niall starts to sing "moments" you just look straight into his eyes. When he is done. His phone rings and he says "sorry I have to take this."
When he comes back he sits down next to you and he smiles cutely at you and passionately kisses you! He kneels down on one knee and says "(Y/N) being away and not seeing you made me realize your my everything. I will do anything to make you happy. I want to be with you forever and I want to have family! (Y/N) will you be my Mrs. Horan!"

You don't know what to say other than "yes!" Niall puts the most beautiful  ring you have ever seen on your finger!! 

You kiss him passionately!!
And Harry and the boys run out with boxes and say "congrats!!"

You laugh and grab Niall's Hand 

Louis and Harry start fighting over who's gift you are gonna open first so Liam sneaks up and gives you his! Inside his is a picture of all of you the day you all met! The picture frame is a silver frame with rose petals around it!
   Then Harry walks up and you hear meowing and you laugh. Niall opens it and pulls out the smallest little cat ever. It is white with black spots! Harry asks If u would name it Darcy and you and Niall say yes!!
    Then Louis gives you a box and you open it and there is another box you open it again and there are 4 bags of carrots!! You and Niall laugh and say oh louis!!
    Zayn gives you a small rapped gift Niall opens it and you hold Darcy! When It's untapped you both see tickets for a honey moon to Jamaica "for after you get married!" he says!

  ✨The day of your wedding✨
Your best friend and brides maid (Your Bffs name) is dating Liam! And he and Niall are talking so she says "so do you think Liam will propose?!" you say "idk but he loves you four sure!!"

  Everyone goes and sits down and Niall goes to the end of aisle!
You hear the preacher say "plz Rise for the coming of the bride!"

You smile as all eyes are on you but the only person you look at is Niall!! You say your vows and go to get pictures! When you got to the dinner party you were there all night and come back to your house. Niall changes and falls asleep on the couch right away yo change and lay down beside him he wakes up slightly an raps his arm around you and he says "we are no longer unmarried we can never be single again and I'll never hurt you or leave you I promise!!" and he falls asleep you still in his arms And Harry,Louis,Zayn,and Liam on the floor! Life is good your with Niall and the boys and then Darcy jumps up into your arms and you think this is my family for now!! 
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