This is a poem I wrote for a friend of mine. Warning: It does contain some mild graphic content and contains some sensitive subject matter.


1. Predator

I trusted you more than most.

Yet, as you stand by the bedpost,

I begin to wonder what I’ve done,

To deserve what has just begun.


You’re stalking towards me fast and mean,

The evil in your eyes is visibly seen.

The panic in mine is rimmed with tears,

And my muffled cries you cannot hear.


I want to bite and fight when your arms come close,

As you rip and tear at my clothes,

But you’ve threatened more than just my life,

And that terror stabs at me like a knife.


My body shakes and your hands are rough,

And I know I’ve got to be tough,

As you touch what shouldn’t be touched,

And this is where it becomes too much.


Tears spill from my eyes and down my cheeks,

As the springs in the mattress start to creak.

The physical pain is worse than I’ve ever known,

And on your face, no remorse is shown.


My mind is forever affected once you’re done.

You grin as if I’m a prize that you’ve just won,

While I just stare with pain in my eyes,

As I fight against my fearful cries.


You grab my cheeks roughly in one hand,

And whisper a deadly command.

“Tell no one and I’ll let you live.”

And now I’ve got nothing left to give.


My feet scramble out your door,

To the room where she lays sleeping,

I trip and stumble on the floor,

Crying, falling, dying, weeping.

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