Trust leads to love

It takes two, just two happy and brave people to fall inlove and fight through all the hard battles.


3. Chapter two

The lovers meet the awkwardness


She curls her purple hair down whilst she waits for her red toe nails to dry. 5 minutes later, it dries. She looks at the time – 7:35pm – gets her dazzling ice blue, short, dress and gets undressed to wear it. 7:55pm – she adds extra long mascara and blue eye shadow with black eye liner on. 8:05pm- she gets in the taxi, saying goodbye to her parents before the taxi went. “Bye mother! Bye father!” She cries, waving goodbye. “Bye bye Delilah!” Her parents replied.


Yes, that girl with a purple curly wavy hair, wearing an ice blue dress, was Delilah.

It was Valentines Day and Crossling High School was celebrating by inviting a bunch of teenagers to its party.


Delilah nervously sighs as she looks out the window to see the bright school. In fact it was the only colourful and bright thing in that dull city.


Click... Clock… Click…


Delilah was trying to steadily walk through the hall with her black high heel shoes, like a model, trying not to fall with embarrassment. Successfully Delilah manages to make it through the narrow hall. She takes another breath in then out before her cheeks turned nervously pink. “Here I go” speaks to herself, about to take another step when suddenly. 




I got to stop making these weird unuseful sound effects. Unexpectedly, the door opens and hits Delilah’s head. It hit her so hard that it manages to make her fall, pushing her to the floor. The ‘suspect’ comes out the door and notices Delilah lying on the floor. “Are you alwright?” The mysterious stranger asks. Of course she’s alwright, I mean after all it’s not like the door hit her full force on her head, causing it to have a purple mark for ‘possibly’ life or anything, yeah she’s alwright. Delilah slowly got up and rubbed her head. “Ow!” She squeaks from the pain. “Oh my days! Your head… It’s purple” the stranger worries. He slowly helps Delilah up but she couldn’t properly stand as soon as she got up and was about to fall when the boy catches her. “My head… It hurts” Delilah mumbles, spinning her head. “I’ll take you to the hospital” he replies, carrying Delilah.


So there they were in the hospital without their parents knowing, waiting for the x-ray result. Delilah was weakly lying on the bed holding an ice bag on her head. Whilst the unknown boy who gave Delilah the purple mark, waits for her recovery. Though there was a possible chance that the recovery could take a very long time to wait. The doctor soon walks out with the x-ray result. “Doctor, is she going to be ok?” The guilty boy curiously asked. The doctor took a moment to look at the results before properly answering the boy’s question. “Well...” Doctor Jill sighs. The boy slowly leans forward, unable to wait for the result. Then the doctor turns the x-ray result around. “As you can see her head is perfectly fine, there’s no damage to her skull” Doctor Jill explains. “But her head is very swollen, it could take 3 days or possibly more, for the swelling to stop. So she may need to stay here just encase the swelling could cause any problems to her head.” She adds. “May I see her?” He asks being concern. The doctor nods her head.  

 Delilah slowly tries to sit up as the doctor enters the room. “There’s someone here who wants to see you” she says as she heads back to her office. And this is where the awkwardness appears. “Um… Hi” the boy said. “Who are you?” Delilah replies. “I’m Joe Morris and I’m here to apologise for the purple mark I gave you.”

Yes that’s right, the guilty suspect who gave Delilah the purple mark, was indeed, Joe Morris. “What?!” She cries in shock. As she jumps up in shock, the ice bag bursts and all the ice of course, falls everywhere. This is where it gets really really awkward. Just this one, one really cold ice cube lands in Delilah’s back. Now as you probably guessed, she jumps up and screams “OH!” as Joe stands there in shock as well. “There’s a-an ice c-cube st-stuck at my back!” She squirms, trying to unzip her dress. Now she could have stood up to get it out but as you can see, it’s not safe for her to stand, yet. “Uh… I’ll help you get it out” Joe spontaneously says. He hesitates before he slowly stuck his right hand behind Delilah’s back. “What are you doing?” She cries, making the situation even more awkward than it looks.


The ice kept slipping through his hand as he tries to get it. It was even harder to grab it when Delilah kept jumping in shock. Unexpectedly, the nurse comes in to see how Delilah was doing. “Delilah, how are you-’’ the nurse froze for a moment, as Joe and Delilah froze as well. Now to Delilah and Joe’s point of view, Joe was just trying to help get the ice cube out but to the nurse’s point of view… Well… It looked as if Joe was trying to squeeze Delilah’s butt or worse, steal her pants.


Whelp there goes Joe’s reputation scarred for life. Well done Joe, well done. Not only did the awkwardness fill the air but Joe also got kicked out of the hospital… Well ‘almost’ got kicked out of the hospital. He was just lucky that none of the ice cubes got stuck in his back.


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