Trust leads to love

It takes two, just two happy and brave people to fall inlove and fight through all the hard battles.


2. Chapter One

Delilah & Joe

It only takes two brave people to completely change and grow stronger every day…                        

Delilah Jones was just a simple and ordinary girl, who had only three great friends, Wildon Grey (tom boy) her real name is Wendy, Jessie Lime (twin 2) loves to read books and draw sketches of people and Harris Lime (twin 1) nice to talk to and loves to make people laugh. There were only two things that were very important to Delilah, one was her friends and two were her family. Delilah was an only child but wasn’t spoilt at all nor manipulative. Her parents, Nick and Milly Jones both worked as a painter, well ‘house painter’ lets just say…




“Hello we’re here to paint your house!” Mrs. Jones cheerfully smiles, whilst Mr. Jones lifts the two cans of paints up.




Yep that’s their job, making sure they smile and letting people know what they are doing, before that big rusty old door slams on they’re faces. Lucky them!


It takes two, just two people to find true love…

Joe Morris was one of the most popular guy in the whole school, if I could find one thing that represented him that would be a prince. He is fun, smart and of course, has so many friends. There was also only two things that were important to him, his family and his girlfriend, Samantha Smithly, who was also very smart and popular. His parents, Cathy and Steven Morris had separate jobs, now that they were divorced. Mrs. Morris or Ms Ken, should I now say or pronounced, worked as a nurse in the Simpsons hospital. On the other hand, Mr. Morris worked as a successful business man.


Knock! Knock!


“You coming, honey?” Samantha innocently smiles, holding the picnic basket.




Just kidding…


“Yes, babes” he smiles politely back to her, holding her right hand.

There they go again, off to say cheesy lines.     

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