Making my mark


1. New beginnings.

The Romans left us great architecture, the Greeks left us the Olympics, Vesuvius preserved an entire ancient city, Anne Frank left us her wonderful diary…dogs mark their place on lampposts – everyone loves making their mark, or leaving a legacy don’t they?

Well that’s exactly what I want to do. I want to be remembered, I don’t want to muddle through life simply just doing school work, eating, drinking, sleeping and then working, eating, drinking and sleeping. I want to make my mark. I will make my mark.

But how?

I am shy. PAINFULLY shy, I can’t talk to anyone apart from my closest family and it’s held me back for as long as I can remember. I’ve dreamt of being an animal rights campaigner, of travelling the world to visit all kinds of places to see animals in their natural habitats and to help their owners treat them better. But I guess I don’t think anyone wants to listen to a girl with about as much confidence as a mouse, who can’t get out a sentence without stammering.

I’ve decided that things are going to change whether I like it or not, today whilst shopping with my mum (I know, sixteen years old and my only company for shopping is my mother) I made myself walk into and NOT past the RSPCA charity shop that I longed to explore. Not only did I pick up a leaflet regarding volunteering but I also managed to quickly blurt out a few lines to the shop assistant about my plans and she told me about the ‘Speak Up because they can’t!’ event that had a grand prize of a trip to the rainforests of Borneo to help out at an Orangutan sanctuary! It involved putting together a speech which scared me more than anything but, this is my dream and NOTHING will stop me achieving it.  So, in one day I had conquered more than I’d ever imagined!

After that day, I launched into crazy mode; I began spending every evening working on my speech, pacing round my room like a mad woman, I kept thinking of ideas then discarding them, I doubted myself many times, there were tears, even a tantrum but finally, fourteen days, twenty hours and fourteen minutes later, my speech was FINISHED. After lots of mini celebrations with my parents, (I’m so cool, I know!) I hastily submitted it before I could change my mind.

Project Legacy is officially a-go-go! 




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