The P

I am running. I must reach my destination before I die. Suddenly a white light appears infront of my eyes and I am temporarily blinded. When my eyes adjust I can see a creature - but what is it? It starts walking towards me and I am frozen to the ground.


3. Running

Every step pains me as I jog through the dark confines of the back alleyways. Knowing that the police will follow me sooner or later I must carry on. A short distance away I hear children playing and laughing, people in bars laughing and joking between each other. For early evening it is surprisingly warm and pedestrians walk by wearing t-shirts and shorts instead of the normal British autumn clothing- jumpers and trousers. Suddenly a shooting pain strikes in my right side and I slump to the ground. Slowly I find my way to a rusty bench and pull myself up onto it. I pull my blood stained shirt up to observe my wound made also by a knife. Again the skin has been dug into deep and dried blood surrounds it. Looking to my right I can see two figures walking quietly towards me obviously nervous of me maybe after seeing me jump off the bus. They quicken up as they pass me aware that they needed to vacate that area fast. A bird lands on the edge of the bench, it reminds me that I ned to hurry before the police catch up with me.

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