The P

I am running. I must reach my destination before I die. Suddenly a white light appears infront of my eyes and I am temporarily blinded. When my eyes adjust I can see a creature - but what is it? It starts walking towards me and I am frozen to the ground.


2. Mrs Slate

Mrs Slate had just walked out of the supermarket after buying three tins of cat food and a carton of milk. The number seventeen bus stopped on the road about ten yards away. Ignoring it she carried on towards the bank but as she walked past the bus a bedragled and drunk man jumped off. Mrs Slate instantly recognised the man although his face was coverered in dirt. Another woman jumped back shielding her children as the criminal leapt off the steps. Mrs Slate ran up to the man, dropped her shopping and hugged him.

"Where have you been?" she asked him

The man pulled away from the woman.

"I am no longer your son - I am a murderer and I must get away from here." the man replied

A large crowd had gathered around the area where the bus had stopped due to the stranger jumping off it. With no warning he pulled out a gun ; all the people on the bus let out a gasp as they had been sat in the presence of him for the best part of ten minutes. People started to run from the scene some dialing 999. Once the area had cleared the man kissed Mrs Slate on the forehead and ran towards a dark alley.


The police arrived two minutes later and the woman explained to them that the escapee was her son and told them what he had done. The senior officer thanked her whilst running in the direction of the alley. Mrs Slate stood there for a moment taking in what had just happened. She watched the bus rush off from the town square before any questions could be asked. Who had her son murdered? And why?

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