What Makes You Beautiful

Heather and Her BFF, Kalie visit her mom in London for a month. Heather's parents divorced a year ago and she lives with her dad right now. Her boyfriend just dumped her a month ago and Heather couldn't find the perfect boy since then. But her typical vacation just became a little more interesting. Heather and Kaylie bumps into One Direction at a restraunt. Harry falls for Heather while both Heather AND Kaylie starts to fight over Zayn. But does Heather know who her true love is? And will this competition break the girls friendship? Find out when you read this book.


1. Hotel In London

Heather's P.O.V.

I quickly got ready for the
My house wasn't very far away from the airport it only took thirty minutes to drive. When we got there I called My BFF Kalie. "Hey Kay! I'm ready to go come on over!" I said. Ok I'll be there in a few. Bye!" she said. When we got to London Kalie and I went to the hotel we reserved. After we got the keys Kalie said,"Heather Let's go check out our room! Follow me." I followed Kaylie upstairs and she opened the door to my room. "Wow! This room is beautiful!" we both said.
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