Lost Brother

Harry has a long lost sister will he ever get her back?


1. Skype

Darcy's POV
Hello Im Darcy, Im eightteen years old, I have curly brown hair, emerald green eyes and I am abandoned and I dont know my last name but one of the sisters made me go to a boarding school I had lots of friends there but I mainly hangout with Franz and Gemma. They live together in one apartment. Since Im old enough to move away they let me stay there Gemma is Harry Styles' sister but we hangout with her cause she's Gemma not for Harry's sister. Franz is my bestfriend too she has a huge crush on Harry thats why Im the only one who can join Gemma skype Harry with her. Franz has curly black hair, brown eyes and she hates the color pink she hates it really much. Since Harry wants to meet Gemma's bestfriends in school Franz has to skype with us. We are hardcore Directioners but we try not to speak about them around Gemma because she gets really annoyed

It was time to go to our house, our house is named house of anubis. Gemma got her laptop and we were skyping Harry. Franz nearly fainted,

Harry said "Hallo girls".

"Hey Harry" we all said in unison

but in Harry's side we heard

"Vas Happenin'?"

which was clearly Zayn who else would it be?!? Then Louis grabbed the laptop

He said "You girls look really pretty today especially you Darcy"

I blushed a little then Franz hit me in the stomach

"awww what was that for" I said

"Lou said you pretty Mrs. Tomlinson" Franz stated

Its true I kinda like Lou he's cute and funny

"you know Darcy you really look like the girl version of Harry here" Liam said

"Its just a coincidence why does everybody keep asking these questions" I said

"you know you do look like me curly hair, green eyes, even your smile is like mine Darcy are you sure your not my long sister" Harry said

"okay thats it Darcy is outta here" I said in a sassy tone

"but we didnt go to the good part yet" niall said while eating his food

"GOOD PART!?! What good part?!? What part is good?!?" Franz said while I was going back to the room

"drum roll please...... YOU LOVELY GIRLS ARE GOING ON TOUR WITH US" Louis said

Franz was practacly screaming in my ears when she heard the news.

"So Gemma, Darcy and Franz pack up because we're going to pick you up around 10am" Paul said

We said our goodbyes and we didnt even ask how we just started packing our stuff nonstop. I finshed packing after one hour I helped Gemma with her's until it was finished when I looked over to Franz its like she packed the whole world in her suitecase it was so bulky. We did'nt even ask we were so tired I drifted off to sleep on Gemma's bed
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