Lost Brother

Harry has a long lost sister will he ever get her back?


11. Recovery

Darcy's POV
Well I knda feel better now since I have alot of people to comfort me. Even at twitter, I once got online and somehow the info got out. I felt happier that people from all around the world care about me so I decided to be back to my normal happy self

It was 7am when the boys were calling me for breakfast. I went downstairs with a happy smile on my face

"You feel good today!" Franz said

"Ya so whats the plan for the day?" I said with a smile on my face

"Lets go to Nandos!!" Niall screamed

"Yeah lego" I said

(skip car ride there)

We got there we only ate half of our breakfast so we were all still hungry. We ordered our food, when we got it we all ate like hungry people. Then we decided to go to a carnival.

(skip car ride there)

We got to the carnival it was so much fun I paired up with Lou so you could all guess we were laughing like crazy people on the way to the rides. When at some point Lou pulled me to a corner then he said

"Darcy I know your Harry's sister and you just recovered but I cant keep it inside anymore I really like you in that way. The time when you were cutting it broke my heart just to see those scars. I mean All I want to tell you is that I LOVE YOU more than anything in this world and I would never dream to break your heart" Louis said in a loving compasionate voice

He pulled me in closer to him then he kissed me. It felt like fireworks going off it was amazing, then he pulled away to breath

"So I guess this means were going out?" Louis said

"Yes, yes but how about Harry, Gemma and the others how are you going to get their approval?" I said

"Well ill just think of something anything would work aslong as your here beside me everything would go according to plan" He said

I kinda blushed when he said that. But I was really thinking how in the world is he going to get their approval?!?
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