Lost Brother

Harry has a long lost sister will he ever get her back?


9. Memories

Darcy's POV
I know that Im in a hospital right now. I feel really tired when I woke up

"Darcy are you alright" a boy who has curly hair said

"Darcy who's, Darcy?" I asked not knowing who all of them were.

They looked at each other with shocked face

"Call a doctor Liam NOW" a boy with a striped shirt said

"You can't remember anything at all?" A old woman said

"All I can remember is that your my mum and she's my sister and that girl is my best friend thats it" I said

The doctor came in he said that I have temporary amniesha. I could see that the boys were crying is it because I dont remember them? Then a memory flashed before my eyes it was a music video of What Makes You Beautiful I think. I could see the boys being there I remembered this

"WAIT!! are you boys from a band named One Direction? Your Harry my brother, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam" I asked

"Yes!! Yes we are" Harry said they were all giving me a group hug

I could remember my personal information, I just dont know what happened before this.

When we got home. It was around 10pm I ran straight to my room and slept. I had a bad nightmare of me being abandoned. Going to a boarding school. Knowing who were my real family and most importantly an incident which put all my loved ones in danger. I woke up crying being surronded by my family. I told them about my dream. Harry told me that wasnt my dream those were my memories
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