Lost Brother

Harry has a long lost sister will he ever get her back?


6. Meeting the Family!

Gemma's POV
I was so shocked that Darcy is my sister my bestfriend my sister which was kinda awesome I just hope she'll feel at home!!

Darcy's POV
Im a part of the Styles family. I had no IDEA that was posible but I guess it was

"Hey Darcy you should meet OUR family today" Harry said with a big smile on his face

"Sure when do we leave" I asked

"NOW! RIGHT NOW" Gemma screamed because she was upsatairs

"Great come on guys LETS GO" Franz stated

(skip car ride there)

"Hallo there guy-" Anne my mum said she got cut off because she wrapped me in a huge hug

"Hallo mum how are you" I said crying tears of joy

"Hallo Darcy h-how are you love" My mum said while inviting us in

"So Darcy love how are you?" mum said

"Im really fine today and-" mum cut me off

"Darcy love before you ask you were kidnapped on your birthday a man took you on your birthday please know that We love you with all our hearts" Mum said

"Thanks mum and I love you too. I also never lost hope that one day my family will find me" I said

"So who's hungry" Mum said

"Meeeee" Niall screamed

A man walked in our house he has a evil smirk on his face could it be the same guy?!?
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