Lost Brother

Harry has a long lost sister will he ever get her back?


5. HUH?!?

Harry's POV
Darcy is really like me I got worried when she got nightmares I knew that I had a long lost sister. But Gemma doesn't know that I know. I've gotta find out Louis pulled me aside he said he kinda liked Darcy it was cute but I had to know more about Darcy. Then a man walked in he held a knife in his hand I saw him break bones of my friends a pool of blood was everywhere and I blacked out. Next thing I saw I was in a hospital my friends were the people beside me. We got out a few days later. But the nurse was chasing us

"Miss can you please sign out your sister Darcy" the nurse said to Gemma

"Im sorry but Im abandoned" Darcy said

"No miss your sister is Gemma Styles and your brother is Harry Styles" the young nurse said

"May I see the medical records" Liam said

"Sure here you go" the nurse said

"Harry your its a match she's your sister" Liam said

"Sure ill sign it" Gemma said in a shocked tone

Darcy's POV
My heart stopped when I heard that Gemma, Harry and I are related. Mixed feelings came rushing I have a Family, Why did they leave me, Did they even love me

When we got back to the bus I sat on mu bunk bed and cried. Harry, Gemma and the others were there to comfort me.

"So welcome to the Family Darcy" Harry said in a brotherly tone

"Why?!? Why did I just find out now?!?" I asked still crying

"My mum said that you were kidnapped when we were gonna see you, you weren't there anymore you weren't even given a name yet" Gemma said

"We never stopped looking for you I could always hear my mum talking to the police every 23rd of November thats when you were born, even if they didn't tell me I would always eavesdrop on mum and Gemma's conversations we all love you" Harry said

They gave me a group hug I felt safe in their arms. Harry called their manager Simon to cancel the tour so that we could recover. He agreed to cancel it I couldn't believe it I was apart of the Styles family. Darcy Styles awesome name
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