Lost Brother

Harry has a long lost sister will he ever get her back?


2. Damsels in Distress

Gemma's POV
I could'nt sleep last night because of what Liam. What he said was true we have a long lost sister Im not sure if its really Darcy, Harry does'nt know about this all I can do is to hope our long lost sister will be found.

I woke up with the screams of Franz she was so excited

"Franz its only 5am" Darcy said

"Which means we have 5 hours to make ourselves presentable" she said defending her scream

Me and Darcy looked at each other and fell back on bed.

"So you want to play it that way huh" Franz said

This time she screamed even louder which made us fully awake

"Now freshen up we have a tour with One Direction" she said

We were done freshening up and dressing up but it was still 7am then Franz broke the akward silence

"ya Darcy you do look like Harry's long lost sister"

"No I dont it's just a coincidence right Gemma" Darcy said

"Sorry but Im on Franz's side this time you do look like me and Harry" I said with a weak smile on my face

But then we walked down due to the sweet smell of pancakes our housemother Trudy made us breakfast she knew that we were going somewhere we ate like the slowest people ever it took us a whole hour to finish our food. Its 8am this was the time our housemates wake up they all went down together. They were all looking at us

"where are you guys going" Jerome one of our housemates said

"its a secret" I said back

It is still 8:30am so I decided to call Harry they said they would come here now. Almost a five minutes later Louis bursts through the door whil he was doing this he was saying


When he got inside Louis picked up Darcy and carried her bridal style. Our housemates were speechless then Harry came inside and carried Franz bridal style. Zayn was next he carried me bridal style. We waved goodbye to our housemates and we all laughed

"Nice entrance guys" Darcy said

"Anything to save our Damsels in Distress" Louis said
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