Only Hope 2: Slave Town

With the lives of her friends at risk, Arigen and her dragons must somehow free the prisoners of slave town before they all have to fight to the death in a battle ring. But the slaves are not the only things Arigen has to worry about. Because the dark armies are closing in...


5. Stepping out

A few minutes later, a gaurd camme up to our cell door and called out,

"Hurt anyone in the crowd, anyone but your opponents, and we'll send all of you to sleep with those darts again. Then we will torture each of you in front of the crowd, one at a time. Understood?" he taunted.

"Understood." Alvyss agreed. The cell door clanged slowly open, revealing a long, dark tunnel.

"Go through. Your opponents are waiting in the arena at the end. Hurry up!" the gruff voice commanded us. It seemed to be coming from behind the door, as if the man was afraid Emberstorm would eat him, or Shadow would snap him in half. Serena strode regally ahead of us, Icefang padding proudly beside her. I noticed that there were other cell doors along here as well. I didn't even bother counting - there were too many. The tunnel was dimly lit by a single lamp along about every twenty foot of wall. Most of the flames were dying, meaning that the tunnel was filled with shadows, which banquished most light. It was a relief to see the end of the tunnel - almost. I could hear the excited screams of the crowd, and that reminded me of the boy who was killed so very slowly. Serena paused when she had almost reached the end of the tunnel. Alvyss, who had been walking beside me on Shadow, stopped after seeing Kallias halt. 


"Do we have a strategy?" she asked slowly.

"Yes." I replied. "Don't argue with your teammates. Don't kill your teammates. Help your teammates. Oh, and kill the enemy." Serena glared at me.

"Whatever." she growled, and turned back around to keep walking. Eberstorm snorted softly behind me, and Alvyss muttered something like 'jerk' under his breath. Alvyss turned to look at me, his eyes full of concern. I looked at him, and his face seemed to light up as we passed under the last lanturn of the tunnel.

"Please try not to do anything stupid." he begged me quietly. "Your life is more important than mine, Arigen. Do not risk your life to save me, understand? I'm just a ranger. You are the hero's successor, the dragon rider. You can't die." he told me.

"Yeah, and what do you think I'm going to do if YOU die then, huh?"

"And what am I going to do if YOU die, Arigen? Please, just make sure you live." his eyes were so desperate, but I couldn't let him die.

"No deal." I replied, and turned away. Alvyss sighed, and told me to mount Emberstorm. Despite our recent argument, I decided it wise to obey him, and swung up onto her back. Serena stepped out into the arena, followed closely by Kallias, who was riding Jet. Alvyss and I glanced at each other, before stepping out together. This was it.


The first match.

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