Only Hope 2: Slave Town

With the lives of her friends at risk, Arigen and her dragons must somehow free the prisoners of slave town before they all have to fight to the death in a battle ring. But the slaves are not the only things Arigen has to worry about. Because the dark armies are closing in...


3. Kallias

I looked at the older ranger in surprise. He had brown hair, and pale blue eyes. The ranger looked about 25, and although he was covered in scars, he still looked unbeaten and his eyes weren't dimmed. 

"I'm Kallias." he said, getting wearily to his feet and walking over to us. Alvyss snorted in disgust.

"What do you mean, I'll explain it unfairly? The silver hunters are freaks, and they are completely useless. That's fair. Kallias, how can you side with the hunters? They are the enemies of rangers! Sure, they fight the dark armies, but they might as well form an alliance with them! The rangers hate the hunters, so why don't you?" Alvyss asked. 

Kallias just laughed. "You need to master the art of thinking about your enemy, Alvyss. You are so early to just assume that they are evil minded all the time, and that is one of your biggest weaknesses. Anyway, I'm one of the few rangers who doesn't hate silver hunters. One of the greatest ally's I have ever had was a hunter. Do you know who they are, Arigen?" Kallias asked. I shook my head slowly. I had never even heard of them before now.

"Well, they tend to stay in the North, and Alvyss told me you live in the South. They're secretive, so even if you lived up there, you might never hear anything about them, much less see them. Anyhow, they're a a huge clan of warriors who tame three tailed wolves as their riding beasts. They accept anyone into their clan, as long as they have the skill to keep up with the rest. The Silver Hunters fight for Yaragsdor, whenever they are needed, but they also steal things from people. Not food, they hunt for that. But things that they cant get from the wilderness. A few hundred years ago, the leaders of both the hunters and the rangers arranged a meeting, nobody knows what they were  discussing, but they only told a few of their trusted friends where they were. When their leaders didn't arrive back soon, some of the rangers and the silver hunters went to the meeting place. The silver hunters arrived first, and found both leaders dead. The silver hunter queens body was covered in wounds made by the ranger leader's weapons. They searched the ranger king's body, and found wounds made by their queens weapons. The silver hunters waited until the rangers arrived, and showed them the leader's bodies. Convinced their queen was not at fault, the silver hunters told the rangers that their king was to blame for the fight. Angered, the rangers started to argue with the silver hunters, blaming their queen. They started to fight each other in their state of rage, sorrow, and hate. Though it was only a small party that each group had taken to find their leaders, only a few escaped with their lives. Those who did went back to their clan to tell them of the other side's treachery. And that, Arigen, is how the rangers and the silver hunters started their hate for each other." Kallias finished. I could see a sadness in  his eyes, something that he was upset at but wasn't telling me or Alvyss. I don't think Alvyss was really that bothered. He was too busy looking angrily at Serena, and muttering,

"The hunter queen was the one who started the fight. It was her fault." For once, I valued someone elses opinion above Alvyss's. Because Kallias was being fair. There was no way that Alvyss was going to be fair to the hunters, but Kallias was. I nodded, to show I understood. But I didn't. Why would two friends try to kill each other? Why would the hunter queen and the ranger leader break the alliance?

"You don't get it, do you, Arigen?" Kallias asked, the sad look trying to escape his eyes but failing. He sighed, and I murmured,


"I can tell." He shook his head slowly, sorrowfully, before Serena butted in.

"Well, I understand. I understand perfectly well. The ranger's pathetic excuse for a leader killed our queen. It wasn't her fault. And now you, Alvyss, dare to blame the hunter queen!" She seemed to appear soundlessly above me head, glaring at Alvyss with her piercing eyes. Alvyss glared back.

"Your useless QUEEN is at fault! You can't blame the ranger's leader!" He shouted back, his voice full of hate and fury.

"Actually, I think I can!" she screamed back. Kallias stepped in between them, without a trace of anger on his face. He gave them both a warning look, begging them, ordering them to calm down. I didn't know what to do. But it seemed Kallias did. He grabbed Alvyss by the scruff of his neck, and dragged him into the corner of the room. I sighed sadly as Serena padded over to her wolf again, a scornful expression on her face.

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