Only Hope 2: Slave Town

With the lives of her friends at risk, Arigen and her dragons must somehow free the prisoners of slave town before they all have to fight to the death in a battle ring. But the slaves are not the only things Arigen has to worry about. Because the dark armies are closing in...


2. Awake

I opened my eyes slowly. The first thing I saw was Alvyss and a slim, tall girl with silvery white hair and cold blue eyes. They seemed to be busy yelling at each other. Neither of them had noticed me, sitting propped up against the stone wall, listening to their argument.

"Yeah, well, you've just made it worse! I mean, smacking her in the stomach while she's lying on a hard floor, and then filling her wound with wolf spit? What were you thinking?" Alvyss yelled.

"I was thinking like one of the silver hunters, actually, ranger! Because unlike you rangers, the hunters learn things. About healing, and stopping black-out poison! So don't even TALK about 'oh, wolf spit will infect the wound, you can't hit her, blah blah blah'!" she retorted, her cruel eyes glaring furiously at Alvyss. She said the word 'ranger' like it was some sort of desiese or something.

"Uh, guys..." I started. Both of their heads whipped around to look at me. The girls expression didn't change, but Alvyss grinned at me.

"Told you it worked." she said triumphantly.

"Can someone tell me what's going on?" I pleaded, hoping to stop their argument. The girl just snorted. I sat up slowly, looking around at my surroundings. There was stone walls all around me and the others in this cell - me, Alvyss, the girl, the other ranger, my dragons, Shadow (and another creature just like him) and a silvery wolf with three huge, bushy tails. I realised that the other ranger was the one who Alvyss had been about to fight when I arrived.

"I can tell you what's going on." the girl said. "Because we wouldn't want the silly little ranger to confuse himself by opening his silly little mouth, would we now?" she taunted.

"He's my friend! And he's not silly, and he does know stuff!" I shouted in his defence. Okay, it wasn't really much of a great argument, but still... She hardly knew him - well, I'm pretty sure she hardly knew him, anyway. Otherwise, she wouldn't be insulting him.

"Whatever." she shrugged. "But if you dislike me so much, then you might as well talk to the ranger, and get yourself confused." the girl finished, and walked off. I turned to Alvyss, hoping he wouldn't mind explaining. He smiled in apology, after muttering,

"Hunter freak," Then he explained.


"When I was transported here from the hero's cave, I landed right outside the town gates. The gaurds started screaming out that they'd found a ranger. They started firing at me and Shadow. We tried to run, but those giant bats chased after us, and about five of them lifted us from the ground. The bats brought us to the town, and those scouts we tied up identified me as the ranger who had attacked them. They took us to the cells, and put us in this cell with the hunter moron and the other ranger." Alvyss gestured to the other ranger, who was asleep, curled up next to his mount.

"We were hardly here for long before me and the other ranger were put in the battle ring. Next thing we knew, you and Emberstorm were diving from the sky. The hero's first dragon has speed. Eventually, someone managed to hit you in the back with a dart. They got Emberstorm and Ashwing, too. Then, since you had just come down on a dragon and scared everyone, the leader of the bat-riders declared that the fights would be held tommorow. The bat riders then threws us back in the cell. Then that hunter idiot performed some very... unusual healing methods on you." he finished. I thought for a minute, before saying to him,

"Not that I'm on her side, but she did manage to heal me, didn't she? I mean, why do you both hate each other so much?" He sighed, like he didn't want to explain. But then a deep male voice started.

"Let me tell you. Alvyss nor Serena will explain it fairly."


The older ranger had woken up.

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