Only Hope 2: Slave Town

With the lives of her friends at risk, Arigen and her dragons must somehow free the prisoners of slave town before they all have to fight to the death in a battle ring. But the slaves are not the only things Arigen has to worry about. Because the dark armies are closing in...


1. Failed attempt

Before I had even thought anything through properly, I sent Emberstorm down to grab Alvyss. It was the only thing on my mind at that moment. Save my friend. Get out alive.

"Down Emberstorm! Grab Alvyss!" I whispered, and she rolled into a dive. Someone saw her, and screamed. Chaos broke out, the crowds engulfed in an unescapable fear. A dragon was coming.

"Wait!" I yelled, an idea sparking suddenly in my mind. "Wait, I'm the dragon rider! You need to listen to me!" Nobody was, so I thought fast, before anybody had time to attack me.

"The man with the horn, standing on a podiumn! Ashwing, can you grab his horn for me?" I asked. Instantly, Ashwing's head appeared from one of Emberstorms saddlebags. He looked at me nervously. Oh, right. He couldn't fly propperly. Emberstorm snorted impatiently, and dived down towards the commentator.

"Emberstorm..." I muttered nervously, butterlies rising in my stomach as she swept down, her elegant wings folded neatly at her shoulders. A growl rose in her throat, and the commentator with the horn realised who my dragon was heading for. It was him. The guy fainted on the spot, his legs giving way like they were made of nothing but sand. Emberstorm suddenly spread her wings wide, stopping us from falling any more - and just in time. We had been about to hit the ground. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth. Emberstorm soared swiftly up to the podiumn the commentator was collapsed on, and hovered there. She snorted something, probably at Ashwing, because he leaped off of her back, landing neatly on the podiumn. I just watched in awe- amazed that such a tiny dragon had such amazing skill. He eagerly grabbed the horn in his tiny fangs, a chattering noise coming from his mouth. Emberstorm lowered one of her front legs, snapping at him urgently. I didn't exactly speak dragon, but I figured she was telling him to hurry up and get on her leg. Ashwing jumped up, and scrambled along her leg. He clambered nimbly up to her back, and dropped the horn on my lap, a pleased little chatter coming from his jaws.

"Good boy, Ashwing." I praised. "Emberstorm, can you gain some height?" She gave a sharp nod of her head, and rose up into the sky. I put my mouth to the horn and began to speak, this time trying to calm myself so that my voice would sound more... well, hero-like.

"Please listen to me - this is something important I must tell you! I am the dragon rider of today, and I beg of you to release the prisoners! It is not right to keep them like that, making them fight each other! If you do not free them all, I will not be able to save Yaragsdor from the dark armies. So please, set them free!" I was amazed at the change in my voice as it blared from the horn, not sounding gentle and pleading as I had wanted it to, but instead, loud and demanding. Did the horn really change my voice that much? Suddenly, something sharp jabbed into my back, causing and unsteadiness to fall over me. My head swaying, I fell into darkness...



Sorry this chapter was shorter! I am still taking in characters to live requests, thanks!!!! =D

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