Blame it on September

When Kate and Alexis go to meet their favorite boyband they didn't expect much. But what will happen when one of the boys falls for one of the girls? ~Louis Tomlinson Love Story~


1. He looked at you

"AND YOU ARE CALLER NUMBER 29!!!!" I screamed as I heard the man on the other line. "You get 2 free concert tickets and two VIP passes for you and a friend to go and see.....ONE DIRECTION!!" "Thank you so much!!" I replied. After we finished the details I immediately called my friend, Alexis. "Hey, boo!" she answered. "GUESS WHAT!!!" "Dang girl calm down aha what happened?" "You and me are going to meet One Direction!!!!" "AHHH ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?" "Totally!!! Come over quickly!!!" "On my way!!" she said, then I hung up.

~Day of the concert~ (sorry for the time skip)

"Are you ready for this?" I asked Alexis. "I was born ready" we got into the stage place(sorry :P) we saw that we were centered in the front row. After waiting a while a band came out.....that wasn't one direction...but I'm not gonna lie they were pretty cute. There name was Big Time Rush. The blonde was the one I was eyeing ;D. After they finished 1D came out and everyone went wild. "I LOVE YOU, LOUIS!!!!" I yelled out. "KATE KATE KATE KATE!!!!! HE LOOKED AT YOU!!!!" Alexis screamed. "I KNOW!!!!!" I yelled back and paid attention to the rest of the concert.
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