Behind the veil that we can not see, lies a secret organization that have been protecting us from afar. Stephanie was just like us, until monsters started attacking her on the way to school. Thrown into a new world where magic is common and fighting is necessary to survive, Steph will have to uncover the truth of her lineage and find her place in this new society. What will she uncover about her legacy?

(As a side note, I love hearing your comments! I will try to update more often as well.)


6. What Waited Behind Me

I had always thought about what I would do faced in one of these situations. I would always yell at the ditsy characters for running, hiding  or collapsing on the ground. My Mom found it funny but to me, it was just silly. Why didn't they run away? 

I now knew why the frightened people that lit up my screen froze with fear, because I did the same thing. Being faced with the unknown is the scariest thing imaginable. And, because it is the unknown, you don't know what to do. 

"Well look at this, it's my lucky day stumbling along one of you. It has been pretty dull lately." The voice dripped with sinister intentions as I heard the crunch of it's footsteps walking around me. 

What ever it was it was huge, twice my size, maybe even a bit bigger. It had huge, bulky limbs and held a club over it's shoulder. It had pale green skin and a small, metal helmet on it's head that did nothing to hide it's black eyes. Overall it reminded me of an ogre with an evil glint it's eye. Was this another form of darkling? This was 10 times worse then anything back in the city. 

"Aren't you a pretty one?" It said as it tilted it's head. "Well aren't you going to pull out a spear or something to fight me like the others?" 

This shocked me back to reality and I pulled out my dagger, though it was shaking in my hand. It stared at me like I was kidding then laughed right in my face, scaring birds out of near by trees. 

It started to walk towards me, I could only back away with my small dagger in between us. My mind raced to think of a way to get out of this situation. Thats when I remembered the paper Luke had given me. I slowly reached into my pocket and pulled it out. As my back hit a tree a whipped it out and tore it in two to activate it. I sent out a small prayer for it to work.

As the ogre thing had now towered over me a few inches from my face, I knew I could only try to stay alive as long as I could. I was shaking with fear. It reached out it's hand and stroked my face. 

"What pretty, smooth skin. I'll have to change that." And that was when the real nightmare started.

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