Behind the veil that we can not see, lies a secret organization that have been protecting us from afar. Stephanie was just like us, until monsters started attacking her on the way to school. Thrown into a new world where magic is common and fighting is necessary to survive, Steph will have to uncover the truth of her lineage and find her place in this new society. What will she uncover about her legacy?

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3. The unexpected chat

     The boy in front of me the took out two long knifes and ran head first into the group of monsters. I was too shocked to anything but stand there and watch as he quickly dealt with the things by a series of quick jabs and slashes. After he stabbed each creature, they fell over and turned to dust, soon blown away with the wind. He spun and dashed around, almost as if he were dancing and not killing some deadly monsters. Soon it was over and he put back his weapons and turned to me.

"Now, what am I going to do about you?" he asked me, tilting his head to the side and putting his hands on his hips. 

"Well" I started regaining my composure, "you could start with telling me what the heck is going on! What were those things and why were they attacking me?"

"That is the question of the hour. Do you think we could go somewhere more privet first? I don't like being so out in the open." "Sure, my house is around the corner."

And that's how I ended up walking with this strange guy back to my small apartment. I looked him over as we walked. He seemed pretty tall, probably 5''6. It was also obvious that he worked out by the looks of his arms. Under his helmet was some dirty-blond hair that he liked to run his hands through a total of five times as we walked home. Overall, not that bad in my opinion, and I was hard to please. We arrived at my house and I unlocked the door. 

"Ok, first I have to do some stuff for my mom but you can wait in the living room. And take off some of that crazy armor, its weird."

I could hear him laughing in the background as I went to go check on my mom. 

"Hey mom, i'm back from school. How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling fine. Did you invite someone over? Is it Sara?"

"No, just a boy I need to talk to about some school stuff." I said quickly.

"Oh, well don't let me interrupt." She winked at me. "Mom, it's not like that its just for school geese."

I closed the door and sighed. My mom still thought that I didn't get out enough and was always like this when I was with people. But it is hard to have a social life when you need to have a job and take care of your family.

I made my way to the living room where the boy was sitting. "Ok, spill. Who are you? What are you? What were those things?"

"Whoa, slow down! I'll answer all of you questions but, you have to answer some of mine too." I crossed my arms. This was not going to be easy I thought.

"Fine, just tell me whats going on."

"First, lets start with names. I'm Luke, nice to meet you." He extended out his hand.

"Stephanie" I said and shook his hand.

"Now Steph, can I call you that?" "I would prefer you didn't." "Right, now Steph, the things that attacked you," he started " are called darklings." I sighed "They are a small imp like creature. Not very strong or powerful on the scale. They won't do more then try to bite you."

"But why me?" I asked "This has never happened to me before."

"So, you never saw them before today?" "No" "Ever?" "NO!" "Ok, ok. I get it. The thing is, it's weird for you to be attacked. Monsters like them, or really any monster, attack based on what we call an 'aura', it's like the wavelength signals that come from our bodies. The darklings can smell them and use that to track their pray. Normal people like you aren't attacked because their auras are so faint that the monsters can't even smell them."

"I don't know why this suddenly changed for you. Unless your born into a family of a special blood, you can't even see the monsters, very few people with the sight outside of a blood line have ever been found. Most die because they can't fight off their attackers."

"That reminds me" I said "Why did none of my attacks work but yours did?"

"That's because of this." He pulled out his daggers. "These weapons are special. Remember how I told you about how the people who can see the darklings have special blood? That blood line also gives them these weapons called blessed weapons. Very few have been made by hand. With out one of these, you can't truly kill any darkling."

"But..." I started but he held up his hand. "Look, I can't tell you too much right now, your situation is well, a difficult one. I need to go talk to my superiors to figure out how best to help you. Here." And he reached into his bag and pulled out a small knife. "This is a blessed weapon, it should work against the darklings. Aim for their head, its their weak spot. I also put a protective circle around your house so you should be undetectable from them in here. I'll come back when I know more."

He stood up and stretched. "I know this is probably confusing," "Your telling me" I said "But" he continued "if you just play it smart you should be ok. Here's a peice of paper that has been infused with my magic. If anything happens just rip it appart and I can find you location. I'll try to come back soon."

"Ok, and thanks for saving me back there. I was pretty sure that could have turned ugly if you hadn't show up so thanks." I told him, averting my eyes. 

"Anytime" He joked. Then he walked him self out and I sat down trying to process the days events. Slowly turning the knife around in my hands and looking at my reflection in the shiny metal.


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