Behind the veil that we can not see, lies a secret organization that have been protecting us from afar. Stephanie was just like us, until monsters started attacking her on the way to school. Thrown into a new world where magic is common and fighting is necessary to survive, Steph will have to uncover the truth of her lineage and find her place in this new society. What will she uncover about her legacy?

(As a side note, I love hearing your comments! I will try to update more often as well.)


1. Just an Average Morning


      My morning starts early, just around 6:00 am. I get up and start a pot of coffee in the tiny kitchen that my mom and I share. Without my daily caffeine boost who knows how I would get through the school day. As the smell of coffee fills my nose, I have the strength to go on. I go to my room and put on some jeans and a shirt from my closet. My clothing selection is pretty small because money is tight for me and my mom. Though, my mom is constantly bugging me about buying some new clothes much to my protest. Then I go to the bathroom and brush my hair which is the most boring shade of brown ever in my opinion, luckily it is strait so at least that worked out for me. I put on some mascara that on the bottle says it should highlight my hazel eyes but I can’t tell the difference. After throwing on some more makeup, I go and get my mom’s morning medication. She’s been diagnosed with sever parkenses among some other nasty stuff for years now and I hate to think how she will handle herself if I was gone. Not like we can afford all of meds she needs but, what we can, I make sure she gets. I shudder to think about what child services would do if they found about my 'living conditions'. Being only 17 and still considered a minor I would be put in a shelter for my last two years of high school and that is something I do not want at all.      

     I gently open my mom's door to her room. She still sleeps in the bed she and my Dad used to share before he died. "Mom?" I whisper since i'm not sure if she is up yet. I try to sneak back out before waking her, and just leave her a note on the counter with her medication. I quickly grab some toast and a big cup filled with my coffee as black as it comes then hit the road. F. K. Martin High school is only a mile from my house and walking it takes only a few minuets which I like to use to think about what I have to do for the rest of the day. Do homework , make dinner later, get more medicine for my mom at the drug store, buy some groceries, clean the pots from last night (that I may have put off), write my civics paper, ect. ect. ect. As I round the corner I suddenly get hit with a huge headache. I stop for a minuet as I try to get over the weird pain throbbing in my head. Man, I am lousing it. I guess the long hours at the diner are finally caching up to me. I mentally added Tylenol to my list of things to buy at the pharmacy. I hope the pain goes away before I finish my coffee.  Soon enough, I see FKMHS in the distance and pick up my pace with my head feeling a lot better.       

“Stephanie, over here!”

I turn to see Sara waving with too much energy for a Thursday morning and she motions for me to come sit down with the rest of our group of friends. Sara was always a bundle of energy while in the mornings, I was not. Next to her is Dave and Lisa who were snuggling as usual with Nick sitting awkwardly at the end.

“Did you do your math homework Dave?” asks Sara probably wanting to copy it from him as Dave is our resident smart kid. I guess he was gazing into Lisa's eyes too much because he took to long and she starts to shake him and asks him again practically yelling this time. “Ok, ok here just take it.” says Dave clearly annoyed at Sara for interrupting his morning time with Lisa since they don't share many classes.

     As Sara starts to gleefully copy down his homework Lisa turns to me and says “Don’t forget our camping trip this weekend Stephanie. Your always so busy we never get to hang out with you as a group! You promised this time remember?”

“You guys, you know I have to take care of my mom…I just don’t know if I will be free.”

“Well to0 bad” Nick smirks as he turns to me, “ We told your mom all about it so there is no way of getting our of it now.” I groan. My mom is always making me do more ‘teen’ related activities because she thinks I am to involved with home affairs and work. Now I’ll never get out of the trip to the cabin.

“Fine, fine I give I’ll pack my bags.” I say putting my hands up, defeated while the others start talking about what food to bring.       

Suddently, I’m hit with another crazy headache. I put my hand on my forehead as if that would help ease the pain. “Are you ok?” asks Sara. “I’m fine, it’s just a headache is all.”

“What if it’s your head finaly exploding from all the caffeine you drink?” jokes Nick.

“Oh haha” I reply “aren’t you just a comedian.” Nick starts to reply but the school bell cuts him off and get up to go to class. We start to walk to the door with Sara and I braking from the group to go to our English class.   

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