Behind the veil that we can not see, lies a secret organization that have been protecting us from afar. Stephanie was just like us, until monsters started attacking her on the way to school. Thrown into a new world where magic is common and fighting is necessary to survive, Steph will have to uncover the truth of her lineage and find her place in this new society. What will she uncover about her legacy?

(As a side note, I love hearing your comments! I will try to update more often as well.)


2. I turned Around

     School ended pretty quickly after that. My headache had only gotten worse and I couldn't pay attention in any of my classes.

     "Just go to the nurse already" said Sara "you look miserable." "I feel miserable." I replied. "So then just go already!" Dave told me.

     "Naaa, schools almost over and I was just going to pick up some Tylenol so there's no need." "Fine! Wallow in you pain all you want then."

     I just smiled back at Dave and got up to throw out my trash. "Don't think you can use this to get out of camping!" he called out to me as I walked away. I rolled my eyes to show them I got it and went to the trash. As I dumped my food into the can, I was hit with another wave of headaches and had to grab the sides of the bin to steady my self.

Then, out side the window there was a huge BOOM heard and when I looked up a smoke cloud was billowing up in the distance. I stared out the window and I turned around to see Sara coming up behind me. "What was that?" She asked "If I knew I would tell you." "Man, weird stuff like this has been happening all week but nothing this big before." "I know, I hope we can just go home soon."  


And like that, school was out. I started to walk to the store, my head reaching what felt like the climax of my headache. I hurried to Walgreens, bought the stuff I needed, and imminently popped a pill into my mouth. Hopefully that will help I though to my self. Then, like magic my head did feel better, like the flow of pain had just been turned off. Maybe I took to many? But what ever, feeling way better I walked home enjoying the nice weather. 

Then I heard something behind me. I turned around and squinted to see some kind of black dot in the distance. Dismissing it at nothing, I turned back around. Then I felt it, a sensation of teeth biting down on my leg. I looked down to see some kid of impish, black monster biting me. I then screamed, violently shook it off my leg. What the hell is that? But it took no time getting back up and I looked around for a weapon. I saw a pipe in the ally across the street and made a mad dash to get it. Good thing I did because when I had turned back around I was greeted by the site of five more red eyed creatures rushing over to presumably eat me. I swung wildly at the things and managed to hold them at bay but they just kept getting back up. I knew I couldn't keep this up for too much longer and looked around for some solution.

Then, right above me, I head a voice. I look up to see some kid with his foot on the railing of the building standing cockily covered in some kind of armor.

"It looks like your in some trouble their miss." He jumped off the roof and landed in front of me "Don't worry, these small fry won't take more then a few minuets."

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