Behind the veil that we can not see, lies a secret organization that have been protecting us from afar. Stephanie was just like us, until monsters started attacking her on the way to school. Thrown into a new world where magic is common and fighting is necessary to survive, Steph will have to uncover the truth of her lineage and find her place in this new society. What will she uncover about her legacy?

(As a side note, I love hearing your comments! I will try to update more often as well.)


5. Camping

I waited outside for my friends to show up in our ride. I looked at my watch, I was five minuets early before the scheduled time we were supposed to meet. I sat down and waited. On the corner of the street I could see a small, rouge darkling. It seemed to be doing something, but I could care less. I rested my hand upon my knife that I had attached to my belt. Maybe getting out of the city would give me a break from these crazy things.

Around the corner came the van with my friends, blasting some music. "Guys, this isn't a concert." I told them "Your going to blast out my eardrums."

"Sorry girl, we are just so pumped!" Sara said as she turned to me. "Now hurry up slow poke. We want to get there before nightfall!" Sometimes her enthusiastic was just as annoying as it was infectious.

Our drive was blissfully normal. Chips were passed around, music blared in my ears, and Nick gave everyone the boring safety talk about camping and how it was dangerous to go out at night blah, blah, blah. What ever the woods had in store could not be any worse then what I had already dealt with that week.

We pulled up to our campsite and started to make camp. I helped put up the tents with Dave while everyone else went to go get fire wood. I looked around and didn't see any darklings, I breathed out the worried sigh I didn't know I was holding in. Nigh came faster then I expected as we made a campfire and stared to make smores. Dave got up and told scary stories that weren't very scary but, we girls shrieked in terror anyway to make him feel better.

"Hey guys, we are running out of wood for the fire." "No problem," said Dave "Stephanie and I will go get some because you guys did it last time."

"Thanks for asking me Dave." I glared at him but got up anyway.

We started trudging through the woods. "We can cover more ground if we split up." I told him "I'll go left and you go right." "Fine with me, I want to see my Lisa as soon as possible" "Ugg you guys can't be split up for more then 10 seconds can you?" I teased him.

We waved goodbye and I passed my flashlight along the ground. Soon enough, I had found a good amount of wood and started on my way back. Behind me the sounds of the Forrest were creeping me out.

A branch broke behind me. "Whose there?" I turned around fast and waved my flashlight. I didn't see anything but my ears told me otherwise. I turned back around and walked faster. Something was defiantly behind me, but I did not want to see it and find out what. 

"Well, what have we got here?" Said a voice so disturbing, I shook with fear.  

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