Sealed With a Kiss

Payton's whole life is changed when she moves from Virginia to London and it changes even more when she passes out on her jet ski. She gets to meet a millionaire who ends up having the hots for her when she already has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not happy when he finds out about what this knew friend of Payton's tried to do to her.


2. recovery

Payton’s POV-

            I still didn’t respond to him. I just didn’t know what to say! This is that guy who all the girls from all around the world gushed over. This is a millionaire in my hospital room! This is a guy who has girls and even some guys hanging up pictures of him in their room. “Hi,” I mumbled. How stupid am I! Hi?! That was the best thing I could think of! “Hello, love,” he smiled at me. Well I guess it was good enough, he called me love!

            “So, what really happened?” I asked.

            “I was in the ocean and saw you tip over so I pulled you ashore and drove you to the nearest hospital.”

            “I was in a millionaire’s car!” I shouted…“sorry.”

How rude he must think I am.

            “So what really happened with you?” he asked, “Why did you black out?”

            “I don’t know I must’ve… Oh! My hypoglycemia! I skipped breakfast but I have to eat often or I pass out!”

            “Well that must be a pain,” he gave me a “sorry” face.

            “Either that or I take pills and I am not good at swallowing,” I giggled and he smiled at me. Wow, it was like I knew Harry! We clicked so well! He started to walk nearer to me. He brushed my dark brown waves out of my face and looked in to my sparkling, gold eyes. He knelt down beside me and just tousled my hair around. I heard him mumble that I had pretty lips, but he probably just liked my bright pink lip gloss. I had fallen asleep next to Harry and he must’ve snuck out while I was resting because he was gone when I woke up.


            I was about to give Tony a ring until the nurse walked in.

            “Hey, girl. The cute boy in here told me to say he had to go out to get lunch but he said he is coming back to bring you some.”

The lady was sweet other than the fact she spit through the gap in her teeth when she talked.

            “Aww, that’s sweet. I will have to tip him,” I shot her a quick smile and then clicked on the contact, “Tony” on my cell. The nurse waved and smiled as she walked out of my room and shut the curtain. I began to dial Tony. He picked up and I told him about the whole incident.

            “Are you okay, Bluebell?” he asked.

He called me Bluebell because they were my favorite flower and he gave them to me on our first date as a coincidence.

            “I’m fine! I’m just glad you don’t mind that I was driven home by a millionaire.”

            “I wouldn’t be mad, you’re my Bluebell.”

            I giggled, “It’s nearing to twelve so I am going to need to eat something. But I miss you and I love you.”

            “Well you go eat sweetheart, I love you, bye.”

I said good-bye and hung up the phone, and Harry walked in on perfect timing.


            Harry passed me a sandwich.

            “I stopped at subway, and I got you a cheese, turkey, lettuce, and tomato sandwich,”

            “Yum,” I smiled and took a big bite out of the sandwich and it sure was yummy.

I finished it so fast; I believe it was in all of one minute. Harry threw my trash away and leaned down nest to me again. He leaned near my face and all I was thinking was “uh-oh.” His lips came close to mine and I shouted, “STOP!” He jumped backward in surprise.

            “Sorry, sorry,” he apologized.

            “No, I’m sorry,” I got out of my bed and gave him a hug.

            “Too soon?” he asked.

            “No, not too soon…” I stammered as I released our hug, “I have a boyfriend.”

            Harry was in shock, “I am so sorry!” He apologized once more.

            “Don’t be,” I said, “If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I would’ve loved that.”

I gave him another quick hug, and he told me that he had to go home to check on Louis. We hugged good-bye and then I was on my own.  


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