Sealed With a Kiss

Payton's whole life is changed when she moves from Virginia to London and it changes even more when she passes out on her jet ski. She gets to meet a millionaire who ends up having the hots for her when she already has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not happy when he finds out about what this knew friend of Payton's tried to do to her.


9. race to mini golf

Payton’s POV-

            “Want to stay the night?” Harry asked. It had been an hour since we kissed and we didn’t talk much after it because Harry took a shower and let me use his second shower. I didn’t want to bother him and more but he offered and it was already 9:30. “I guess let me call and tell my parents.” I walked into the other room. My parents still didn’t know about Harry and I wanted to keep it that way – I just hoped Paige wouldn’t tell them. I dialed my mom’s number into my phone.

            “Payton where are you! I will be in bed in an hour!” she sounded really furious.

            “Sorry mom it’s just I am so caught up with this new friend I have. Her name is…” great I was stalling, “Ha- Hannah.”

            “Alright when will you be home,” My mom sounded just annoyed now. She probably lost some of her fury knowing “I made a friend.”

            “Well the thing is… she wants a sleepover!”

            “Alright,” mom hung up the phone. “Well then,” I mumbled walking back towards Harry.


            “I can stay.”

            “Great,” he gave me a silly little smile. I walked towards him and looked into his calming eyes again – I just loved them!

            “Are we together,” I blurted.

            “I don’t know, are we?” he asked me.

            “Not sure.”

            “Maybe we should wait a couple days, and see if we should be together.”

            “Good idea,” I winked at him, flirty-like.

            “Did you bring pajamas or a toothbrush?” he asked.

            “No!” I gasped.


Harry guided me to a small closet and grabbed a toothbrush from it and handed it to me.

            “That should do” He said.

            “What about pajamas?” I asked.

Harry walked me to his room and opened his closet. He picked up a long t-shirt that would reach right in between my knee and my… cat. I walked into the bathroom I took a shower in and turned on the light. I threw the t-shirt over head after I undressed and looked at it. It had a picture of An Eskimo… wearing white. I looked at the words underneath. “Oh duh,” I mumbled to myself, wondering how I didn’t know what it was in the first place – White Eskimo! I walked out of the bathroom and waited on the couch for harry to get in his pajamas. He walked into the living room.


“I never knew that white Eskimo had t-shirts.”

            “They didn’t,” Harry confused me so I looked down at the shirt double check what I saw was right, “I got it specially made.” I nodded in acknowledgement.

            “We should do something,” Harry said, once again confusing me.

            “Like what,” I asked.

            “Like… go to the water park tomorrow! It’ll give us plenty of time to see if we should go out and we don’t need to decide tomorrow!”

            “Okay,” A smile crept over my face. Harry turned on the TV and put in the DVD Love Actually. I ended up falling asleep but when I woke up I was in a bed so I guess Harry carried me in. Harry was still asleep and it was 10:14 so I had my breakfast without him. By the time he woke up I was completely dressed, fed, and had brushed teeth.

            “Care for some pancakes,” he asked.

            “I already ate.”

            “Without me!” he fake-got-angry at me. I pointed at the clock and his eyes went wide. “11!” he screamed with his mouth full. The rest of the pancake he had gotten ready for himself was stuffed down his throat. He ran into his room and I sat at the table and waited for him.


            In less then ten minutes he was ready. He grabbed me by the arm and ran with me to his car.

“Harry!” I yelled when he was already pulled out of the driveway.
“I got us reservations for mini golf next to the water park!”

“Okay, but why are we rushing!”

“The reservations are for11:30!”

“Oh,” I said, like everything was fine. Harry was going 40 mph on a 30 mph road, but nobody else was on the road. Just then a huge truck came out of nowhere, going at a pretty fast speed too.

“Stop the car!” I yelled. The car screeched as Harry hit the brakes, but the truck driver didn’t hit his brakes.


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