Sealed With a Kiss

Payton's whole life is changed when she moves from Virginia to London and it changes even more when she passes out on her jet ski. She gets to meet a millionaire who ends up having the hots for her when she already has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not happy when he finds out about what this knew friend of Payton's tried to do to her.


10. psycho truck driver

Payton’s POV-

            Harry swerved out of the road as the truck kept going at full speed but not quick enough – the truck was right near us as it came forward. We heard another screech as the truck came by, with its side-view mirror rubbing against the side of Harry’s car. Harry jumped out of the car and ran around it to look. By his expression I could tell it was awful. He began running after the truck. “STOP, STOP NOW!!!” I heard him yell. He was running fast and before I knew it he was out of sight. “Great,” I mumbled. I looked at my watch and it was 11:26 and we were 5 minutes away. Then I jumped out of the car and looked at it. There was a huge thick line across the car missing paint. I could just imagine the truck driving around with a big hunk of navy on the mirror. “HARRY!” I called out. “Harry come back, we don’t have much time!”


            It was now 11:35 and Harry was nowhere. I went around the car and sat in the driver’s seat. I drove for five minutes around the street and the nearby street and Harry was nowhere. I pulled out my cell and called him. But I heard ringing, looked down, and saw his phone in the car.  I drove around again but this time a little further. I went on to the next street. I jerked the car to a stop when I saw this… dead deer? in the street. But it wasn’t a dead deer… it was Harry. “NO!” I yelled. I started crying as I ran out of the car. “Harry…” I mumbled, “It’s Payton, can you hear me?” There was no answer. I wiped away my tears so I could really get a look at him. The bruised scratch where the jet ski hit him was bleeding and had fist marks on it. The bandage on his ankle was hanging off, showing a huge big bloody wound. There was a long scratch down his right arm; bleeding and I knew I had to stop the blood even though it wasn’t nearly as much blood his ankle had bled. I took off my headband and rapped it around his arm but it only covered a third of the scratch. I ran in the car and grabbed my bag. I pulled out two headbands and rapped them around him.


            I tried to lift him up and into the car but I couldn’t carry him. I would have to drag him like on the beach but we were on the road not soft sand. And when I did have to carry him on the side walk his feet were cut. I didn’t know what to do – I just started crying. I leaned my face into his chest. “Harry, please… please wake up!” I kept crying until I heard him, “What?”


Harry’s POV-

            As soon as the truck driver hit my car I ran out to look at it. There was a big line of paint missing. I couldn’t just let it go I paid millions for the car. “HEY,” I yelled as I ran after his truck. I ran all the way down the street and halfway through another when he came put of his truck. “Who do you think you are?” he asked me. “Harry Styles,” I stated the obvious. I swore I heard someone call my name in the distance but I didn’t care it was probably just a fan. I was zoning out in thoughts until all of the sudden the guy punched my bruise. I winced in pain as I fell to the floor and my bandage fell off my ankle. “Don’t you ever come near me again! Got it pretty boy?” I didn’t have the energy to say yes so he took his key and scratched down my arm. “Got it?” he asked through shut teeth. “Got it,” I managed to cough out two words. The guy drove away and I just laid there. Then I heard the fan call my name again and realized that was no fan’s voice – it was Payton. “Help!” I tried to yell but it was hardly a whisper. I kept trying to yell but I couldn’t. I laid there for what felt like an hour but was only like 10 minutes and this blue vehicle came driving up right in front of me and all at once I passed out. In who knows how long I woke up and saw Payton wrapping headbands around me. “What?” I said.


            “HARRY!” she yelled, “YOU’RE ALIVE!” She began sobbing into my chest. “The mini golf,” I mumbled. She couldn’t hear me over her own tears.

            “What time is it?” I asked in a louder voice than the one I had used before.

            She looked at her watch, “12:05.”

            “The mini golf!” I groaned.

            “Harry, who cares about the fucking mini golf! Are you okay!!??”

            “I don’t know.”

            “Get in the car!”she started pulling me off the ground.

I sat in the passenger seat and Payton drove. “Wrong way!” I said but she kept going. We pulled up in front of a hospital. “I’m getting you checked out,” she came around the car and yanked me out. I don’t know if she heard me mumble no, or not.


Payton’s POV-

            The 15 minutes I waited for Harry felt like 15 hours. I finally was brought into his room. He was laying in the bed staring at me.

            “Don’t just stare!” I yelled, “Tell me what’s wrong!”

            “The nurse said that I have to keep this bandage on my arm,” he showed me a long strip across the scratch, “And my head will just be bruised for like a month. Also, my ankle got infected so I will have to rub alcohol on it in the morning and evening now and I’ll have to take these pills for a month once a day at night,” He held up a little container of pills and shook it.

            “Oh,” is all I said.

            “Now can we go mini golfing,” he whined.

            “We’ll see if they have a spot open,” I flirted with him.


            We left the hospital and Harry drove us to the mini golf. There was a giant line when we got there and it was really hot. This sweet old lady noticed me and Harry eyeing the ice cream stand.

            “I’ll save your spots,” she said and told us to go get ice cream. Harry and I walked over to the stand.     

            “What flavor?” he asked.

            “Vanilla,” I told with big googly eyes since it was my favorite, “Wait no! Let’s share a shake!” He gave me a flirty little smile and ordered us a vanilla cherry shake. We sat at a little table there and each drank out of our own straw.

            “Thanks,” he said.

            “For what,” I asked.

            “Saving me.”

            “Har-ry!” I gave him a funny little slap on the arm. “What?”he said embarrassed. We smiled at each other and went back to drinking the shake.   


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