Sealed With a Kiss

Payton's whole life is changed when she moves from Virginia to London and it changes even more when she passes out on her jet ski. She gets to meet a millionaire who ends up having the hots for her when she already has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not happy when he finds out about what this knew friend of Payton's tried to do to her.


8. How to bake a cake the fun way

Payton’s POV-

            I felt so much better with the right amount of blood. I thought I would never have to worry about eating super healthy again – until I walked in the door. “Hey Pay,” my mom greeted me, and then she started babbling about the “funny” rhyme she just said. My parents! I could never tell them that I took a pint of blood from a guy I only have known for only three days now and she didn’t know him at all! I had to eat super healthy when I was at home to make her believe I didn’t have Niall Horan’s extra blood pint. I sat down and ate a salad. Then I drove to Harry’s house.


            I had no idea how to talk to Harry. For one, I just ran over his friggin’ head! And for two it was his idea to give me an extra pint of blood. So I figured I would settle this out the nice way, I’d talk to him. He opened the door and let me in.

            “Hey,” I said. He repeated me.

            “So,” I mumbled, “I’m sorry for running over your f– head.”

            “Were you gonna say fucking?” he asked.





            “I was going to say friggin now continue!”

            “Alright it’s okay.”

            “And thanks for the blood.”


For a second we were silent. I could tell he had nothing else to day and he probably thought I didn’t either. But he was wrong. I had to talk to him about telling my sister about the almost-kiss.

            “R-R,” I stuttered. “Remember the almost-kiss?”

            “Yes I do.” He shot me a little grin.

            “I- I know you told my sister!” I confronted him.

            “Oh… I wasn’t allowed?”

            “No Harry!”

            “Sorry,” he stammered.

            “Sorry is not gonna cut it Harry! She told my boyfriend. A- and,” the tears started to flow, “he broke up with me!” I put my head down and cried into my lap. Harry sat down next to me and pushed my face up. He took my hands into a tight grasp with his.

            “Listen, if I could do anything to take back saying that I would but your sister called me and was questioning me. She was asking if we like had sex and if we kissed and I told her thinking it wasn’t a big deal. I had no idea she would tell Tony.”


            I was in shock for a second. Not only because my hands were in Harry Styles hands and I was looking into his calming green eyes – but because my sister had questioned Harry. She asked if we had sex! I started crying all over again. I must’ve looked like a fool crying all over and when I wiped a tear with my hand I could see my mascara was running.“Hey,” Harry said scooching a bit closer, “I thought I was going to bake the cake for Liam’s party but Louis did, so let’s make a cake!” I smiled a yes as he ran his fingers though my hair. He released one hand but kept the other one held as he guided me to the kitchen. He ripped off a paper towel and wet it under the sink.

            “What’s that for?” I asked as I wiped my last mascara tear.

            “You,” he smiled sweetly and wiped underneath my eyes. He cleaned me all up and then took out the cake mix. We started pouring flower in there and cracking eggs in here and I was surprised it was so uncomplicated. Harry put it in the oven and we sat at his counter in two very comfortable, tall chairs.


            “Dang it,” I mumbled thinking he couldn’t hear me.

            “What?” he asked.

            “It’s just your head is so badly bruised and cut.”

            “Stop worrying about me!” he whined, “It was my fault for popping out I thought you were stopped.” He stood up and I saw the huge bandage on his leg.

            “No Harry it is my fault. I had a huge rope in my jet ski and if I tied myself to it I could find seaweed caught in the motor and I could tie your leg up sooner. That would be one less pint of blood!”

            “And one more for you,” he mumbled.

            “No Harry that’s not it! I can be short one but you had to go through more of that.”

            “You know what, it is fine.” He calmed me and then we heard beeping, showing the cake was done. He pulled the chocolate yumminess out of the oven and took the icing out of the pantry and let me spread it all over the cake. “Mmm… more chocolate,” I giggled. Then he grabbed little tubes of frosting. “Wanna right something?” he asked. I answered with a, “sure.”

            I was going to right Sorry Harry! But that was exactly what I wanted off my mind. Instead I wrote Happy Birthday Harry! I gave him the cake and sang the birthday song. He chuckled and said, “Nothing else to write?” I nodded in agreement. Then I took the icing and gave him a mustache. He laughed and grabbed two more icing tubes, giving me two little blush circles. We started running around the kitchen drawing on each other and it got my mind off everything.


            After we washed off we ate the cake and it was so good! I took some icing off my slice and Harry a Goatee. He wiped it off with his finger and ate it, making me laugh.

We finished eating and we both wiped the table off. I reached in to wipe the middle of the table at the same time as Harry. We looked in each others eyes and both leaned in and kissed. After five seconds he came around the table and lifted me up, my legs around his body, our lips still attached. He carried me to the couched and laid, so I was on top of him, still our lips attached. We kept kissing for another ten seconds and released. It was like, we both knew when to let go. The kiss was like 20 seconds long and it was more like making out. I leaned up on his body and stared down at him. “You look good without a lot of makeup,” he grinned.         

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