Sealed With a Kiss

Payton's whole life is changed when she moves from Virginia to London and it changes even more when she passes out on her jet ski. She gets to meet a millionaire who ends up having the hots for her when she already has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not happy when he finds out about what this knew friend of Payton's tried to do to her.



Payton’s POV-

            I was silent throughout breakfast and lunch and at 3:30 I decided to get my mind of things and go back on that jet ski of mine. I was on it for twenty minutes until a saw Harry, in a Speedo, running into the water. He wasn’t with Liam, which he usually was. I wanted to ask him why but I was mad at him. He told my sister about the almost-kiss. I realized the Jet Ski was starting to make my thoughts worse so I decided to steer back to shore. I started to slow down midway to just look at the beach. As soon as I started to speed up again something popped out of the water in front of me. I yelped but then realized it was just Harry. I tried to slow down but I couldn’t. I drove, right to him and hit his forehead. He tumbled under the Jet Ski. It all happened in a split second. Too little time for me to stop the Jet Ski and prevent from hitting him.


            I stopped the Jet Ski and jumped into the water. After being in it, I realized the water had to be at least nine feet deep. I dove into the water and opened my eyes but the salt just burned them and I couldn’t see anything. I remembered I had a spare pair of goggles on my jet ski. I swam up and grabbed them. I put them on, and thank god, they fit perfectly. I dived back down and saw Harry on the ocean floor. He was unconscious and his lower leg rested on the point of a sharp rock. I swam to him and pulled him above water by his arm. As I reached the top of the water I held Harry securely, so he wouldn’t fall back under. I had to tread water as fast as I could to not drown. I reached for my Jet Ski but it wasn’t where I had put it. I looked around; figuring it would be just a short distance away, but I didn’t see it in sight. I looked forward as far as possible and there it was. It was on the sand at shore, it floated and drifted with the waves while I went under water to rescue Harry. I had to be at least a tenth of a mile to shore, which would be hard to swim myself, let alone with Harry in my arms. I started swimming, being all I could do to save Harry’s life and even mine.


            About halfway of what I had to swim I had to rest, but there was nothing I could rest on. I needed to keep going. My legs had a pain in the muscle that screamed to me, “Stop, keep going and you might tare a muscle! You need to rest!” But my heart screamed out to me, “Yes, Harry did tell your sister about the almost-kiss! But his life is at risk! And yours is too because if you stop, you’ll get tired and drown with Harry!” People always say “listen to your heart,” so I did. I kept swimming, even though my legs probably would have shot me in the head if I gave them a gun. I wished I could hold Harry in my legs so I could give my legs a small rest and not let them do all the work. I wished I had a raft to stop and lay on. But I didn’t. I needed to get to shore and this is the only way. I swam my heart out. My legs were rotating as fast as the motor of my Jet Ski.


            I was now a forth of the way down and even my brain – as smart as it was, was telling me to, “STOP NOW!” But my heart still didn’t. I needed to keep swimming. In five minutes, I was at the point where there were waves so they gave me a boost to shore but when they washed away the sucked me back. I kept swimming as hard as I hold. My heart rate was probably at 230 a minute now. I was so close. I had to make it!


            I was practically there now! Now the water was only two feet deep and I began running. I was there now I was at shore! I laid Harry out on the sand and look at him. Hid lower leg was really bleeding! I yelled out to see if anybody had something to wrap around his leg was empty. It was 5:00 so everyone had to be at dinner. I was on the Jet Ski on my own for a half hour and it took me about ten minutes to start steering back and rescue Harry, so it took me an hour to carry Harry back. Which means Harry’s leg was bleeding badly for an hour! My parents wouldn’t come looking for me because I am usually on my Jet Ski for three hours. I need something for Harry leg fast. I look around and all I saw was some shells and seaweed. I grabbed the seaweed and wrapped it around Harry’s leg. Then I looked at his forehead. It was irritated and there was a huge gash in it. It was bleeding badly too, about as bas as his leg. I took the leftover seaweed and wrapped it around his head.


            I now looked for my Jet Ski. I saw it, not long from where I was. I brought it to the bike rack and locked it up. I went backed to Harry and lifted him up. I rushed him to the hospital around the corner. I was barefoot and my feet killed me as I walked. My legs begged me to stop. I was hunched over because Harry was weighing me down, but I finally made it. I told the nurses what had happened and, coincidentally he was put in the same room I was in. I waited a whole hour until the nurses came out of the room.

            “Is he okay?” I asked, almost yelling.


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