Sealed With a Kiss

Payton's whole life is changed when she moves from Virginia to London and it changes even more when she passes out on her jet ski. She gets to meet a millionaire who ends up having the hots for her when she already has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not happy when he finds out about what this knew friend of Payton's tried to do to her.


11. Eliot

Payton’s POV-

            We eventually were at the front of the line and Harry paid for us to golf and held my hand in. He golfed and got a hole in one.

            “BOO! You suck!” I said, jokingly. He just smiled. I took my club and swung… and I missed the ball… I swung again and missed, and on my third swing it flung in the air and came down on a bald man’s head. “Shit,” I mumbled as he yelled. “Sorry,” I screamed, running over to get the ball. Harry chuckled as I ran over. “What now?” I asked. “Maybe you should’ve brought a sports bra,” he looked at my boobs. “I have my bathing suit under this,” I nudged him.

            “So I’m guessing you don’t have much experience with mini golf.”

            “I’ve never done it before,” I looked down.

            “Here,” Harry came behind me. He reached around my body and held my wrists. “Do this.” He gently pulled me hands back and tapped the ball. There was a hole in one. I meant to say thanks but I was so distracted by how good he felt around me. We walked to the next hole.


            I started sweating and I was wearing a long sleeved black shirt so it made sense. “You okay?” Harry asked. “Just hot, that’s all.” Without responding Harry came over and lifted my shirt off me to show my purple push-up bikini top. “That’s better,” he said, looking at my boobs. I came over to him and lifted his shirt off. “Nice extra nipples,” I teased. Just then a little 12 year old boy came up to Harry and stood in front of Harry checking him out. “Can I help you?” Harry asked.

            “I’m Eliot,” the boy said in a surprisingly high-pitched voice.

            “Okay… I’m Harry.”

            “I know that.”

            “Is there something you want?” Harry looked awkward.

            “Oh! Can I get a picture with you?” he asked.

            “Sure,” Harry smiled. The boy stood next to Harry and smiled

            “Do you have a camera?” Harry asked.

            “No,” the boy said through smiling teeth.” Harry looked confused. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his I phone.

            Snapping a picture he said, “I will tweet that.”

            “Okay,” the boy just stood there.

            “Bye,” Harry pushed him along.

            “Oh! Bye!” the boy ran away.

            “He’s bad at getting to the point,” I laughed with Harry.


            When each of us got the ball in the hole we moved to the next hole. Eliot kept following us… every move. He walked up to me.

            “Hi,” he said.

            “Hello, something you want,” I said knowing if I didn’t ask what he wanted he would just stand there.

            “Can I get a picture with you?”

            “You know I’m not famous.”

            “You are dating Harry Styles.”

            “No I am not!” I denied what he said a little harshly.

            “Please…” he didn’t believe me,” I see the way you unclothe each other and flirt.”

            “Okay then…” I mumbled pulling out my I pod. I was creeped out by his INCREDIBLY blond, shaggy hair. And eyes WAY to blue for him. I took the picture.

            “TWEET IT!” he yelled, running away.

            “That kid is weird,” me and Harry mumbled at the same time and made each other laugh. We finished golfing and headed to the water park. It was now 3:00 and we wanted to stay until 10:00 or 11:00. Harry headed to the locker room. The golf and water park locker rooms were shared since the two are side by side. As Harry got in his trunks I slipped off my shorts revealing my bikini bottom. It was purple and said GUCCI across my ass. Harry walked out and looked really hot. “Let’s go,” He took my hand.

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