Happily Ever After (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

Ok, this is my 2nd fan fic. The other I might just delete because I've been getting a lot of hate. But this fan fic is about Louis, and the title gives it away but I like it and whatever. But yeah, a girl named Tanith Fortney is marring Louis Tomlinson. (In this story El is just a really close friend to both Tanith and Louis.) Read the story to find out more(:
There's gonna be a lot of drama(:


3. The morning of the wedding. (part 2)

*Andi's POV*
I was supposed to be helping Tanith with her hair and makeup but she was busy talking to Josh, so I went over to Niall and started talking to him. "So did you hear about the change of plans?" He said. "Change of plans? With what?" "El and Harry are going to walk down together." "So that mines you and I will be walking together?" I said with a smile. "Yeah." He said looking into my eyes and chuckled. Tanith called my name and she looked upset. I told Niall I'd talk to him in a few minutes and walked to Tanith. "You okay?" "Yeah, lets just do my hair and makeup." "Okay." I said. 
We got into the bathroom and Harry was in there talking to some random chick. "Uhm, Harry?" Tanith said looking pissed. "Oh, hey ladies. This is Cara." "Oh, hi." Tanith and I both said. I left the room and once I got out, I started to cry. I went into Tanith's room and layed down on her bed. Niall walked in. "Andrea, are you okay?" "Oh, yeah." I said wiping my face. He walked to the bed and layed down next to me. "What happened?" "It's nothing, I'm just so happy for Lou and Tan." I said. "I hate lying to him but i didn't want to tell him about Harry. I thought I loved Harry but maybe not because Niall came into the room and not Haz. Maybe Nialler is the one for me." I thought to myself.  "Well, I know thats not the reason you were crying. But if you ever wanna talk just come to me." He said kissing my forehead and getting up to leave the room. He got to the door and I said, "Naill, wait! I do need to talk to you." I got up and walked over to him. I closed to door and looked into his eyes. "Niall, I think I love you." I said as tears started coming down my face. I looked at the ground. He put both hands on my face, wiped my tears with his thumbs and lifted my head. "Andrea, I don't think I love you. I know I do." He said as he kissed me. 
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