Simple Hope

Kadence and her little nine year younger brother Kace fly across the seas to go see their aunt and Uncle for four weeks, but when something goes wrong causing the plane to crash stranding them on an island. Kadence soon finds out that out of the few survivors stands five boys called One Direction. She develops a relationship with the boys, but what kind?
(I appreciate constructive critisism) So, If you read any of my movellas please comment and let me know that,
If you did like it, why? if you didnt like it, why? -Thanks(:


1. When Everything Goes Black

Kadence P.O.V

"Kace wake up, wake up." I say softly to him giving him a light shake. He opens his bright blue eyes with a yawn and looks at me."Their boarding, pick up your suitcase, come on." I say as I stand up and watch him slowly gather himself off the chair, suitcase in hand. I kneel down to him and zip up his dark blue jacket, then take his hand and head over to the line of people entering the plane. As we get to the front of the line I hand the lady me and Kaden's tickets. She smiles politely, and rips off the end of the tickets just to hand it to me. We walk onto the plane. I scan over the numbers labeling each seat then take my place in first class to which my ticket says to. I'm In the center row to the right, in the isle, Kace sits on my left side. About 12 minutes later, the plane starts moving and before we know it we are in the air.


My Name is Kadence. I'm am 18, I have dark brown natural black, insanely curly hair with bright blue eyes that sometimes turn into a bright green, based on my mood. I know what your thinking, whatever it does not! But when I'm happy or neutral it's that bright blue and when I'm sad or angry they turn bright green, and they are two totally different shades believe it or not. My little brother Kace, sometimes I call him Kacey, has dark brown non curly 'Beiber hair' and bright blue eyes. He means the world to me and in my opinion is the Cutest kid I have ever witnessed in my entire life. He is nine years old, will turn 10 in three weeks, and he tells me EVERYTHING! There is not a secret in the world that we don't know about each other. We have only  gotten in one argument or 'fight' with each other our entire life it was a year ago, and it was about my ex boyfriend Lucas, I thought he was the one and Kace didn't  like him and told me to break up with him because he was a mean person. Well that smart little kid knew what He was talking about, I didn't listen to him, hence the argument, I know this sounds ridiculous, having an argument with my nine year old brother over my boyfriend, but Kace is my best friend, and he is almost as smart as me, believe it or not. Any way, Lucas had been cheating on me with three other girls, when I found out I broke up with Lucas and Lucas broke my collar bone and two ribs. I laid in bed for two straight weeks after that and Kace would bring me soup and help me daily, he'd watch movies in my bed with me all day. gall I love that kid. Right now we are going to fly over the seas to visit my aunt Melody and uncle Shane. They are rich, And they try to spoil us but my Dad shoots their offers down and only let us see them once a year, for four weeks. My Father is an alcoholic. He became one when my Mother passed away two years ago. She was everything to me and Kace, I was always, and am always strong when it comes to that subject, because I had no one to share my feelings to, and I didn't want Kace to feel the same way. Especially right after her death, people started treating me different, and not the good kind of different. Everyone suffocated me, they made me feel incomprehensible. Except for my Dad, his medicine for the heart ache is Vodka and Whiskey, he never helped me, us. He's a coward and irresponsible. He drinks pretty much at 12:00 p.m.(When he wakes up) every day, until around 3:30 a.m. (When he goes to bed)  I try to keep Kace away from the house as much as possible. It's not good for him to see what use to be the role model of a father, to what he has become.  We hardly ever associate with each other, when he does you can smell the repulsive liquor on his breath. His words are far lost to mumbles, as he tries to set things straight without actions.By the sight of his face to matter how wasted, Is a pit of regret, sadness, and humility. I have been planing to move out but no matter how many jobs I get, the pay is little. No matter where i hide my profit, my father finds it as uses it to purchase more alcohol, thinking it was his. If i tell him its my money, he will agree to not touching it but, give it a couple days and the alcohol will, once again, renew his memory. 


I ruffle my fingers through Kace's soft hair.

"You excited?" I ask him, he looks up and smiles at me.

"Sure am! Melody said she was going to let me drive the golf cart with her in the passenger seat!" he replies. I giggle. A man in uniform comes over to us on my right side.

" For dinner would you rather have the classic mini chicken breast, your choice of soup, and mashed potatoes. Or a cheeseburger, your choice of soup, and mashed potatoes?" he asks us, I glance at Kace.

"Which one bud?" I ask Kace.

"I'll have the cheeseburger and my sister will also have the cheeseburger." he answers to the man, with a smug smile.

"Err no, I'll have the chicken please." I smile at him. The man nods.

"And what's your name kid?" the man asks Kace nicely as he kneels down next to me.

"James." Kace answers bluntly I let out a quite giggle.

"What kind of soup would you like James? We have Chicken noodle, tomato, or clam chowder." he smiles at him.

"Chicken noodle, please!" Kace answers dragging out the word please and giving him a cheeky smile like a toddler.

"And for you beautiful Miss?" the man asks me, I blush.

"Same." I smile. The man scribbles on his little pad our orders. He flips to a clean page, scribbles some more and rips it out, dropping the paper on my lap, and walks away. Kace snatches the paper before I can.

"Ohhh looks like Kadence has a new boyfriend!" Kace teases.

"That guy was easily in his thirties, no thanks." I say dismissively as I relax in my seat. Kace flashes me the note and it says

'You really are beautiful. Meet me by the bathrooms after I serve dinner? I would like to meet you in more of a formal situation. xxx' I giggle.

"Some people." I sigh. Kace falls asleep on my shoulder with my arm draped around him, I stay awake for another two hours then drift to sleep with him.

I open my eyes to a rough bump and a loud bang coming from the plane, in alarm I pop my eyes wide open and can feel Kace tense in my arm, he's awake also. The little light bings on signaling to keep your seat belt on.

"This is the captain speaking, we are going through some turbulence right now and I would like to ask everyone to fasten your seat belts and stay calm, this should be cleared up in about fifteen minutes, then we will serve dinner. thank you." and with that, I hear the intercom shut off. The plane continues to shake and make weird noises. I feel motion sickness overwhelm me.

"Kace, ill be right back, I'm going to go the the restroom." I say, he nodes his head. I get out of my seat and walk to the front of the plane where their hangs red curtains, I'm going to puke, I can feel it. I pull back the curtain and before I can get a look to see if there are any restrooms, a big bulky guy appears in front of me.

"This is a restricted area ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to go sit back down." he says professionally. I turn back the other way and sprint down the lane to the middle of the plane, passing Kace. I see a restroom a couple yards ahead. But before I reach it the whole plane tips to the side causing me to fall into an empty seat to my right. I fasten my seat belt and the plane let's out a loud noise and we tip forward, the breathing cup things pop down from the compartments above my head with shaky hands I place it on my mouth taking the elastic and pull it over my head. I hope Kace is okay. I can't get out of my seat, it's too dangerous we are falling at such a ridiculous speed that it's making a shrieking noise. I get that feeling in the pit of my gut and I know that we are going to crash, hard. I spot Kace's head a couple rows ahead of me. I shout his name but I can't even hear my voice over the shrieking of the plane. We tilt up slightly but continue falling.  I can see he Is not wearing the breathing cup. He turns his head to the right and I can tell he's yelling, probably my name. I see tears pour out of his face. Finally he locks eyes with me I point at the cup and he nods his head. I feel tears build up in my eyes, from seeing his face so worried and broken. We tilt up a little more, Kace takes the cup and attempts to put it on his face but before he manages,  we smash into a surface and everything goes black  

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