Simple Hope

Kadence and her little nine year younger brother Kace fly across the seas to go see their aunt and Uncle for four weeks, but when something goes wrong causing the plane to crash stranding them on an island. Kadence soon finds out that out of the few survivors stands five boys called One Direction. She develops a relationship with the boys, but what kind?
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2. I Know

Kadence P.O.V

I wake up from the numbing coldness of water that is now up to my waist. Kace is screaming my name trying to pull me out of my seat, tears poring down his face. I clear my head and focus. I need to get out of this plane, Now. I sling my duffle bag over my shoulder, then grab the seat cushion under me along with the one next to me taking them and Kace with me to an exit. The big bulky man is escorting some people out of the 'Restricted area' i can tell he is wounded, there is a big gash in his side. I get to the exit and try to pry the lever over so the door will open, pushing it as hard as i can. the man moves me to the side and pulls the lever  opening the door. I look down at the water then that's when I notice. The water is horribly tinted with, red. I look around the plane, dead bodies. I try to keep Kace's eyes from looking at all the bodies. I need to keep my sanity, for Kace. A line forms in front of me, those ASSHOLES! I was here first how dare they cut in front of me! How freaking selfish! the bulky man stands to the side. Kace is in front of me. Three people come from the back of the plane and come into the line. The water is now just below my shoulders, I have Kace holding on to the 'flotation device' cushion.

"Go! Hurry!" I scream at them. I can feel Kace shivering in my hands. Its pitch black outside, I can only see from the poorly lit plane isles. The bulky man helps us out the exit door one at a time He helps five people before he gets to Kace.

"Hold your breath and hold on to the cushion for your life son." he says boldly. Kace nods then looks at me, crying his eyes out.

"I love you Kade." he mumbles through tears.

"It's not the end I'll see you at the surface, but you have to be brave for me, okay? Can you do that for me?" I ask Kace trying to be strong. He nodes his head wearily.

"One... Two... Three." the man says as he pushes Kace through the current coming through the door. I let out a sob. The man nodes to me indicating I'm next I step up to him.

"You know what to do." He says. I nod and lean to his cheek and kiss it.

"Thank you." I say. He counts down then pushes me up. the coldness stings across my face as the cushion lifts me through the water. At the surface, I inhale as much air as I can. I look ahead of me there is an island shortly ahead. The  five selfish passengers from earlier are heading towards it. I look at all their faces. Where the hell is Kace. I freeze. If he is gone, I WILL die, he is the only thing keeping me alive right now. 

"KACE?!" I scream in terror "KACE!" one of the guys turn revealing Kace. 

"I've got him." the boy says. I feel relief wash over me the boy is pushing two cushions through the water, his own and the one Kace is sat on, maybe hes not that selfish. . . I paddle my feet as fast as I can, then drop the cushion and swim to them to catch up with them. The duffle bag is water proof so it floats. They reach the island and sit in the sand. I reach the island about a minute and a half later, not being able to hold Kace in my arms right now is killing me. When the sand squishes against me feet, I run as fast as I can to Kace. Dropping the duffle bag safely on the shore. Kace stands up and I tackle him into a hug, I sit on the ground cradling him in my arms. He's crying into my soaked ruffled Lacey pink tank top, he pulls away, his purple lips shivering, our tears are about the only thing warm, against us, and even that grows colder as it reaches under my chin.

"I thought you left me Kadence, I thought you were gone! I saw you pass out in your seat and I got out of my seat, there was so much blood, I- I ran over to you and you wouldn't wake up I was screaming your name and you wouldnt answer! I - I " I stop him from saying anymore of this horrific story, I push his wet hair back,wipe away his tears with my thumbs, and hug him tightly. Rocking back and fourth. 

"It's okay Kace, I'm here now, I'm not going anywhere, it's you and me Kace, it's you and me."  I can feel everyone's eyes on me. "Now come on, let's get you out of these wet clothes, okay?" I ask him gently. He nods and stands up. I stand up after and unzip his jacket, take off his shirt and ring them out. Daylight begins to peak over the horizon shedding some light over the island.

"Do you need any help?" two of the selfish line cutter boys ask me, one of them has an Irish accent. I sniffle.

"Uh ya, can you take some clothes and hang them in a tree or something where they can dry?"

"Yah." says the non - Irish one. I take off my light yellow cardigan and my tank top and hand it to them. That leaves me, yes, in my bra. I really don't care if ANYONE sees me in my bra at this point. And plus I wore my nice deep purple push up bra today. I decide to leave my jean shorts on, to keep a little dignity. I hand them to the guys and they stand there, a little shocked. I furrow my eye brows together. "Uhhh ya! We will do that, yep!" they say finally tuning in I chuckle as they walk away. Me and Kace find a place that has tipped over trees and has a leaf curtain looking thing, almost like someone designed it to be a room. We lay down in it, the sand is warm. We fall asleep, Kace in my arms.  I wake up when I'm sweating from how hot it is. I look around, Kace is gone. I throw myself out of the tree room thing. It's bright outside.  I look around the beach frantically. Then I spot him, he is with those five other teenager boys id guess were around my age. The selfish ones. Kace is so cute, shirtless and in shorts like a little dweeb. I run over to him.

"Kace, you scared me half to death!" I say exasperated. 

"Sorry. Err, hey guys this is my sister Kadence, Kadence this is Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Harry. Louis is the one that helped me to the island last night, he pushed my cushion." Kace says.

"Thank you so much." I say gratefully to Louis as I give him a hug. Each one of them seems to be looking at my clothes attire. 

"Umm, I'll go put on some clothes." I say awkwardly as I walk over to my duffle bag. I put on a thin gray tank top with a lace neckline. I grab some wire out the duffle bag lining. Ripping it off. I'm starving. I get up and take Kace's hand.

"Come on, let's go find some food." I say to him.

"Do you Want to use my pocket knife Kadence?" Kace asks me as he pulls out a giant knife. I grab it out if his hands.

"Where did you get this?!" I ask him.

"The security guard gave it to me before he shoved me out the exit door." Kace answers. 

"Okay, I'll go make a bow and arrow." I say. I've been in archery since I was 6 years old, I won 2nd place in my states competition. Uncle Shane gave me my first bow on my sixth birthday. He and Melody pays for my archery classes. Oh how I want to be with them right now. I want Melody to make me some of her homemade hot chocolate and make me tell her about all the 'Boy Gossip'. I want Shane to call me his little 'Kadepillar' and sing to me with his guitar as he does every year. I want them to give me a bear hug together. I want to feel their warm touch, again.  A tear escapes my eye.

"Sis, stop." Kace says grabbing my wrist. I bend down to him and he gently wipes my tear away. "It's you and me Kade." he says gently. I smile and kiss him on the forehead.

"I know."

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