The sleep over

This is just a short story I heard and tried to make a little bit better. It isn't really horror or thriller, but I didn't know what category to put it in.


1. Crap, No Pajamas!

    I sat on my bed reading when I heard my phone ring. I picked it up. It was a text message from Amy, my best friend. She wanted to know if I wanted to have a sleepover at her house with a couple other friends. I ran and asked my mom, and she said that was OK. I ran over to Amy's house to ttell her that I could come, because she lived right around the corner. She was so excited. I decided to stay at her house and wait until all her other friends arRived soon.We all went up to Amy's room. "What do you want to do" asked Amy? how about we plAt truth or dare"?  We played truth or dare for an hour or so and then dexieded to watch a movie. We all changed into pajamas and sat down in the living room. That's when I realized that I didn't bring any pajamas. Normally that would be no big deal, but I had spilled hot fudge all over my shirt. I decided to wait until everyone else was asleep, and then go back to my house and get theM. One of my friends noticed. " hey maria" they yelled," why Aren't you wearing any pajamas?" " oh, i just don't feel like changing right now. I will probably chang later." I replied. I suppose I didn't have to lie, and I could have gone back and got tthem , but the decision not to might have saved my life. 

     Long before the movie was over, everyone fell asleep. I Thought about turning on the light, but didn't want to wake anyone. So I stumbled out of the room, probably squashing somebody in the process. I am almost sure that I stepped on some one near the door. I walked down the alley to my house, but was a little scared. After all, it was three in the morning, and no decent person would be out and about. I made it to my house, and found my pajamas. I really didn't feel like making the journey back, especially in the dark. I decided just to sleep at my house.  I woke up the next morning, and walked back over to my friends house. It was surrounded with people and caution tape and police cars. I pushed my way through the crowd and snuck around then police into the house. The floor was spotted with blood. I walked into the room where we ha been sleeping, and everyone was dead. There was a wound in the chest if each body. I peaked and staggered back. Every single one of my friends was dead. Even worse, if that was possible was the writing on the wall. It spelled out, in the blood of the newly deceased " thanks for leaving the light off"

 suddenly, everything went black


wwait until you are lying in bed, and the lights are off. What could be lurking in that dark corner? what is that tapping sound by the window? And is that shadow really just shadow? This may not seem scared now but when you Are all alone and think about this, it may change your mind.

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