Just Me

Evelyn is the type of girl that nobody remembers. Everyone ignores her, and it seems like only her family knows her name. Just once she would like to stand out, for good or for bad.


3. How to be Remarkable Me

        Dear Diary,

     At school today, I thought of a plan to make myself be noticed. I have a few back up plans too. Here are my ideas: 

A.) Wear really nice clothes 

Problem - not enough money

B.) Wear really weird clothes. 

Problem - I don't want to look like an idiot.

C.) Do something really outstanding or brave.

Problem- I am not outstanding or brave.

 Time to execute plan a. I guess I will have to earn some money really quick. Better get starrted , its Friday night, and I need those clothes by Sunday night. 

Love Evelyn



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