You must read the first and second one!!!:) thank you 4 everything everyone!!:)



ANA PROV. It been about a month since I found out I was pregnat. My belly got a little big. Too bad Harry wasn't with me all the time. He did still have a career! Now I can't do the part in the movie next month! I have to call and tell them I cant because I have a child growing inside of me now. Our new house did have stairs. It was a light purple kind of color. I grabbed a magazine. It said ONE DIRECTION NEWS! I smiled. I turned to the pages. First was Louis. It said how he had got married. And how him and Eleanor live together now. I smiled remembering Eleanor I haven't seen her since my wedding. I have to tell her the news. I turned the page. Next was zayn. It said zayn and perrie now moved in with eachother. I had no idea that was going on! I turned the page again Niall was next. It didn't say anything about Erika! I read through the whole thing. All it said was that we was dating some girl named Alex. I turned again. Liam. Liam and Danielle were engaged. I smiled Danielle had called me and told me. I miss her too. But I hadn't told her the news eitheir. I turned one more time. It was Harry's page. It said we had got married. It said I was pregnat. I kept reading then this line is what freaked me out "wow poor Ana doesn't know Harry is cheating on her with some girl named stephenie pray for ana"! I got scared I freaked out. Was he really cheating on me when I had his child! I shut the magazine hard. I walked upstairs to put on sweats and a sweater. A tear came down my face. I stopped myself from crying. I couldn't just cry! HARRY PROV. I picked up my phone because it was ringing it was Stephanie. "hello" I said annoyed. "I just read a magazine that says we're dating let's not make them be liars" she said. "I'm really done with these games I have a child on the way and Ana would never believe it if she saw it" I told her upset. She started to talk but I just hung up. Then I ran up on stage and sand tell me a lie. Then I sang one thing. Then I came backstage again. Next we were going to sing moments. I just sat there. Thinking. Today was Ana's altrasound. Was it a boy or girl? Was he or she even healthy. What if something is wrong with my baby! I ran on stage . As I sang a tear came down my face. I was just thinking about all the bad stuff might happen to my child. After the song was done the concert was done. I ran backstage. I got a text from Stephanie saying "listin hazza I love you and you liked me remember so just get with me I'm tired of playing games just do it already meet me in the park". I got in my limo as I read it. "uh take me to the closest park to my house" I told the driver.
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