You must read the first and second one!!!:) thank you 4 everything everyone!!:)


7. Leaving him!!!

HARRY PROV. wow I had a baby girl. Little Darcy. The doctors took Darcy. I just sat there with Ana. She was asleep. I took out my phone and took a picture. To show her how beautiful she was. I just sat there not knowing what to do. But I did have to tell her about me cheating on her. I guess I will tell her tomorrow. I sat there and fell asleep. The next morning. I woke up to the sound of Ana. "hey hey babe wake up" I could hear her say. I opened my eyes. Ana was dressed in her normal jeans. "let's go home" then she started to walk. I got up and she held Ana. She put her in a car seat. We drove home finally. She took the baby upstairs to sleep. She came back down "wow was it hard putting her to sleep" then she smiled. "Ana I really need to tell you something" I said. "wait I want to" then she started to give me love bites. She smiled. I couldnt stop it. It was now 8:00. The baby was crying AGAIN!!! Ana's hair was messed up. She looke upset. She looked tired. I had to now tell her. I pulled her downstairs "I'm trying to deal with something right now" she yelled at me. "I need to tell you something it's about uh Stephanie" I said stuttering a lot. "I don't want to talk about your girlfriends right now" she said upset. "shes not my girlfriend" I said. "so you didnt do stuff" she said happier. "actually ya" I was so afraid. She just stood there. Frozen. It was loud the baby was still crying. And she was just there. She walked upstairs not saying a word. I just stood there. Frozen. The crying now stopped. I started to smile a little. She came downstairs. She had a sweater on now. In one hand she had rhe keys to her car. In the other she had the baby in its car seat. "what are you doing love" I told her. She turned an looked at me "leaving you" she said as she walked out the door. ANA PROV. I walked towards my car. A tear fell now. I opened the car. I put the baby in. Darcy started to cry now. "now now Darcy" I yelled. I got in the car. Harry was now running towards us. I wiped my tears. "you don't have to do this we can work it out" he screamed. I started to cry as I drove away. He called me. I didn't answer. I didn't know where to drive. I drove to Louis's and Eleanor's house. I called them.. I stood there next to the front door. "hey Ana what are you doing here" Eleanor said as she opened the door. "I left Harry" I said. "can I please stay with you guys for a while I mean us" I said. "of course" she let me in.
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