You must read the first and second one!!!:) thank you 4 everything everyone!!:)


8. Happily family

1 year. Later. ANA PROV. I miss Harry. I haven't talked to him since I left him. It's now Darcy's first birthday. Eleanor and Louis have been so nice to let's me stay here. I called Harry. "it's Darcy's birthday"! I told him. "please love come over" he said begging. "okay I'm really sorry Harry I so over reacted I'm so sorry" I said. "I forgive you of course love" he said happy. I drove to our house. I put there car seat down. I run up and kissed him. He spun me. I smiled at him. I took Darcy out of the car seat. "happy birthday" I smiled and told her. He hugged me and held Darcy. He gave her a kiss on the head. Then I saw a giant cake and a present. I smiled and walked towards it as Harry sang happy birthday to Darcy. I smiled. I grabbed the present and opened it. It was a giant teddy bear. I smiled at Harry. I kissed him as I hugged him. "I love you more than anything in the world Harry" I told him. He smiled "same here". I kissed him and kissed Darcy. He kissed Darcy too. Darcy was so beautiful. "you know why she's so beautiful because your her mother" he told me. I laughed a little and smiled. I finally got Darcy to sleep. When she did I ran up to Harry. I ran up and wrapped my legs around him. I started to give him love bites. He smiled. I kissed him. We fell on the couch. I laughed. I ran my fingers through his hair. Wow do I miss this. Now we were a happy family!!!!:)
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