You must read the first and second one!!!:) thank you 4 everything everyone!!:)



TUESDAY OF THE DUE DAY WEEK. ANA PROV. wow was I do uncomfortable. Why wouldn't this baby come out already! I walked towards the door. Then I looked down and there was water everywhere! I ran and grabbed a towel I layed it there. My water just broke!!!! I called Harry as I got into the car. No answer. I drove to the hospital. I told them my water just broke. I was dying I couldn't breath! I started to breath in and out in and out. I was holding my stomach. Where is Harry!!HARRY PROV. I ran towards Louis house. Him and Eleanor were in a pool. I got in. We were just sitting there talking about Ana and Darcy. I heard my phone. So I grabbed it. Then it fell in the pool. "oh no" I screamed. I ran out of the pool fast. Eleanor was now in the house. Louis was drying. Louis got a call. He looked up at me."Ana's water just broke"! I ran in my car and threw on a shirt. I drove to the hospital. Ana was there in the room. She was dying. She was crying and screaming. It was horrifying. After all that. It was calm.ANA PROV. I was in giant pain. But then it became calm. I held Darcy. She opened her little eyes. They were green just like her fathers. She smiled at me. A tear came down my face. Harry walked in and looked at Darcy. He smiled "she's beautiful just like her mother". I smiled at him. I gave him a big long kiss. "she had big beautiful eyes like yours" I told him smiling. He smiled. He sat down on the bed and hugged us. "you guys are the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen" he said. I kissed him on the cheek. Zayn and perrie walked in. "hiiii" said perrie. I let her hold Darcy. She held her and smiled. Then zayn held her. Perrie had balloons in her hand. Then Danielle and Liam walked in. "hey guys" said Liam. I gave Darcy to Danielle. She smiled and said "she's so beautiful. I gave her to Liam next. "she has dimples just like Harry" he said smiling. Then Niall and Alex and Eleanor and Louis all walked in. As they passed her around I thanked everyone, Alex came and gave me a big hug and said "ya I'm dating Niall". I smiled and hugged her and said "I will yell at you later". We both laughed. Harry looked at me when I got Darcy back. "this is our baby" Harry said. "I know I know" I said smiling at him as I rocked the baby back and forth.
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