You must read the first and second one!!!:) thank you 4 everything everyone!!:)


4. Cheating??? And baby name???

ANA PROV. Harry came walking through the door with his hair all messed up. His tie wasn't on right. Only half of his shirt was tucked into his pants. I smiled ran up to him and hugged him. I looked up at him and said "I missed you so much" as I fixed his tie. He smiled. "I missed you more" then he touched my stomach "you too" he said smiling at my stomach. I smiled and kissed him. I walked upstairs and fell asleep. I woke up and I was tired. I turned to touch Harry's abs. And I knew he was shirtless because last night. I turned and stretched my arm out but it fell. He was gone. "of course" I yelled. I called Eleanor "ele can you please come over" I told her. "sure of course" she said. Ele is what I call her. I called Danielle " he Dan Dan can you please come over". "yes darling" she said in a funny voice. They both came knocking at my door. I got up and smiled. I hugged them both. "I missed you guys so much" I screamed. They didn't say a word they were just staring at my belly. My smile turned into a frown. Them I just broke into tears saying "okay you caught me I'm pregnat and it's just so much pressure and it's so hard and Harry isn't even here most of the time" I cried and cried. They both hugged me "it okay and why isn't Harry here to help you" Danielle said. "mostly all the time especially yesterday he came home at 12:00am" I said whipping my tears and sniffing. "uh Louis came home at 5:30 yesterday" Eleanor said. I looked at them both with a confused face. "well lets just talk about the baby" said Danielle smiling. I tried to smile. "okay" I said. "what are you thinking of naming it" said Danielle. "well I never thought about it" I said smiling now. "do you know if it's a boy or girl" Eleanor asked. "no but my altrasound is in 30 minutes" I said. "then let's go" Danielle said. "no I can't" I said. "why not" Eleanor said. "because Harry isn't here" I said starting to get up from the couch. "so what" Eleanor said. We all walked to the car. They drove me there. I walked in. They were both by my side. It was a girl! I started to smile. "ema" said Danielle. "lea" said Eleanor. I just kept smiling and didn't say a word. A girl! I was going to have a girl!
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