You must read the first and second one!!!:) thank you 4 everything everyone!!:)


5. Baby's name!!!:)

They drove me home. Harry was there "where we're you" he yelled at me. "where I was suppose to be where you were suppose to be at my altrasound" I yelled back! "what is it" he said calmly now. " if you were there you would've found out" I said upset. "please" he begged. I was so upset with him right now but he just had to know it was his child too. "it's a girl" I whispered. "it's a girl" I said louder. "it a girl oh my gosh it's a girl" he screamed as he grabbed me and spun me around. Just like when I wasn't like this. He looked into my eyes and kissed me. I smiled. I kissed him back. "what should we name her" I said. "DARCY" he said smiling at me. I smiled "I love it". I hugged him and kissed him. 2 months later. My belly was really big now. I didn't like to look in the mirror it made me feel ugly. But then I would remember the beautiful thing that will come out of me. I'm kinda getting tired of being pregnant. It's kinda annoying. All me and Harry do is kiss now. And only a peck. I try to wear big shirts. Harry says I'm always being mean but I just don't see it.
HARRY PROV. Ana has been pregnat a long time now. And everyday she gets meaner and meaner. I try to tell her to calm down but then she just gets more and more mad. I walked up to her "hello lovely". "shut up" she said upset. "darling were going to the hospital to see what's going on and why hasn't the baby came yet because I guess your very upset" I told her. "you guess" she yelled. "uh sorry darling" I saw trying to walk away. "don't you walk away from me" she yells back. I Hugh her but she pushes me away. We walked into the car. I drove her to the hospital. "her due date is next Wednesday" doctor said. I smiled and led her out. I still haven't told her about me and Stephanie. I didn't mean it to happen it just did. Ever since then I haven't talked to Stephanie or seen her. I haven't heard of her since. I surely wasn't going to tell her now because she would littery kill me! Only a week then I could tell her!
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