You must read the first and second one!!!:) thank you 4 everything everyone!!:)



It slipped out of my hand. I picked it up but didn't look at it. Harry walked in. I told him to tell me what color it was. He said "love it's red". I read the box it said blue=pregnat and red=not pregnat. I wasn't pregnat! I couldn't believe it. I was happy but upset. I kinda wanted a child. I tried to smile. "Harry" I said kinda shaky. "what" he said happy. "can we try one more time just to make sure I said. I peed on it again. I waited 20 minutes. I looked at it. It was red again. I started to cry. "what is wrong love" he said. "I want a kid Harry I want a kid" I told him. He hugged me. I grabbed the stick to throw it away. It was blue! I grabbed it and jumped up and down. "Harry"! "Harry"! I screamed. "what love" he said. "it's blue it's blue"! I screamed happily. I ran and hugged him. "maybe it just needed more time" I screamed. I kissed him on the cheek like 30 times."I'm pregnat"! I screamed! A baby was growing inside of me! Wow was this exciting! I felt like I was going to faint! I was going to be a mom! Wow was this news! Then I threw up again. Harry held my hair back. "Thank you Harry" I told him. I washed my mouth out. I walked downstairs to eat. I was so hungry. I ate almost a whole chicken! I started to eat way more now it was weird because usually I hardly eat anything! I can't belive this Harry was going to be a dad!!!!
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