stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


31. WELL!

Emma's P.O.V

"He messed up, Drunk or Not" I said while sitting with Harry. Harry Nodded.

"So how long have you known she's, you know" Niall said while walking out of the bathroom. Harry made him come with us to my flat.

"Long enough to know that there are two babies" Niall's mouth gaped open. A tear silently rolled down his cheek.

"Twins, I messed up, I was pissed, it's all my fault. Where is she?" Niall flopped onto the floor of the hallway and continued crying.

"She's with a friend, she has an ultrasound tomorrow, I'll bring you with. For now go get some sleep." Niall walked into the other room. I contemplated if Harry would take Maddie's or Niall's side on this situation. Maddie, my practically sister the young age of 18 is pregnant WITH TWINS! For God's sake they better get back together. Before the nine months are up, otherwise she will be a single mother with two children that resemble their famous father. Think of how bad the papparazzi would attack her. She is tough but SUPER fragile.

"Emma, why are you turning red?" Harry asked with a sad expression "did I do something?" I shook my head.

"No I was just thinking about things. What if Niall doesn't make-up with Maddie? She will be a single mother, WITH TWINS!" Harry nodded

"Don't worry they'll get back together"

"You better be right Styles" Niall added in. He was standing in the doorway the whole time.

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