stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


24. Twitter

Harry's P.O.V

I open the door and walk into the flat. The TV is on, but Emma was asleep. I go into the kitchen and grab a coke and sit down on the bed next to her. Her hair was in a  messy bun, little hairs sticking up everywhere, i decided to have a little fun with it.

'@Harry_Styles: Look at my little kitten, @Emma_StarBucks. I think I'm gonna style my hair like that from now on' 

Emma's phone was blowing up with tweets, oops. I decided to snoop around her twitter. She had a word passcode my first guess was totally random 'StarBucks', but that wasn't it. I pulled a cocky move and guessed 'harry', it un-locked. 

'@Emma_StarBucks: I love @Harry_Styles so much, so much that I would have him set as my password for my phone....' 

Tweets were popping up all over my timeline and hers, then I saw one that stood out a little.

'@NiallspoTAt0: Wow Emma you are still up?'  

I sat there thinking who that could be. Then I realized that it was Maddie, i decided to reply. 

'@Emma_StarBucks: No it is Harry...Nice twitter name. Does your Boyfriend @NiallOfficial know about it yet?' 

It only took her a few seconds to reply. 

'@NiallspoTAt0: SHUT UP HAROLD, I'm still logged in on my fan account...Check out Emma's fan account @HaroldsKiT10' 

I laughed and checked out the account.

'@HaroldsKiT10: @Harry_Styles FRIGGIN' NOTICE ME ALREADY, I could be your next Girlfriend' 

I threw my head back and laughed at fact of how obsessed she was/is. I grabbed my phone and most of the tweets said something about Emma's 'fangirl' account dedicated to her boyfriend. I decided to make fun of her a little and made a 'fanboy' account dedicated to her.

Emma's P.O.V

I woke up to Harry, Maddie, and Niall's laughter. I decide to act like I am still sleeping, I assume that it is 10 A.M at least but I grab my phone, which isn't where I put it when I went to bed last night it said it was barely past two in the morning. 

"what is going on?" I say as I sit up, I see Harry on twitter but it isn't his account, he turned and covered the screen, the only words I caught were why, don't, and follow. I check twitter, because it is what i usually do when I wake up, I see a Tweet from a person called '@EmmasKit10' his/her tweet read

'@EmmasKit10: @Emma_StarBucks FRIGGIN' NOTICE ME, I could be YOUR boyfriend' 

I look up from the screen to see them all staring at me. 

"So um I guess you found my other twitter?" I stammered out, Maddie nodded and laughed, while the other two just blushed

"You guys have really clever 'fangirl' accounts" Niall said why trying to remain serious but it just failed. Maddie looked down at her phone, and then stared at Niall.

"You two have clever 'fanboy' accounts also" The boys just shrugged and started to type away on their phones 

"Now I see why you guys fangirl so much, it is so addicting" Harry confessed, and Niall nodded along. 

"Niall I honestly love your new fanboy account name '@MaddiespoTAt0' it is so original" they eskimo kissed, it finally hit me that we were dating Niall and Harry, the boys we had dedicated blogs too. 

"And you Harold, don't act like you didn't do anything I saw the tweet" He blushed at the ground and smiled, it had reminded me of a certain song... 

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