stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


20. truth or dare

Emma's P.O.V

"Can we play kiddie rules, where the farthest you could dare is kissing?" I suggested, i was still traumatized by the last game and i could tell Maddie wasn't doing well either, she was the first to agree with me, then Liam. "Yeah let's settle down a bit" that was unexpected thing for Louis to say. Every one sat in the living room and got comfy. "Who wants to start?" everyone looked around the room. "I will" i usually never volunteer for these kind of things, but i wanted to learn some things. "Zayn Truth or Dare" it took him a few seconds to reply "dare" dammit, i suck at dares. "i dare you to receive a wet-willy from Louis" he flinched, so did louis, he looked at me and i just shrugged. "Okay now it's my turn" Zayn had a devilish look on his face, I knew exactly what he was gonna do, all i could think was poor Niall. "Maddie Truth or dare" Maddie always picked truth so his plan was foiled. "dare" this is the wrong time for Maddie to suddenly turn ballsy. His eyes grew wide. "i dare you to kiss me" Niall is pissed, Kurtis barely shows it but i bet he is. She didn't even objectify it she went in for the kiss. "Awww shit" my thoughts escaped my mouth

Harry's P.O.V

Witnessing what just happened i am not looking forward to this next week. "Okay, that was interesting" Kurtis spoke up and patted Niall on the back. "My turn" Maddie said while facing Kurtis a tear dropped from her eye, Emma would know "what's wrong" she dropped a tear too, did i miss something. "They love each other but it just can't work out" my face went emotionless, What if something does happen, What about Niall? "Truth or Dare" he replied quick with truth. "Did Emma tell me the truth?" he looked confused along with all the rest of us, she wasn't finished "Do you love me?" Niall looked hurt, He walked into the kitchen with a beer in hand and chugged it, i was the first to follow him then it was Maddie. "Harry i got this trust me, i am sure go sit with the others" i walked back. "what the hell is going on" Liam seemed nervous " Some things just need to be straightened out, let them talk and we can keep playing" They nodded. "so um Harry? Truth or dare" Kurtis finally remembered my name good for him "Dare" he smiled at Louis, they must have planned something while i was gone. "Go on the balcony and scream to the whole world that you love Emma" I walked out to the balcony and just my luck it was the night of the fans, they were curious why i was on a different balcony than usual, I took a deep breath "I LOVE EMMA WALKER"

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