stuck in the moment

Maddie went to a her friend Kurtis' game she meets Niall but things take a turn for the worse when things happen on the field


5. The game

Maddie's P.O.V

"Do you want to eat before or after the game" Emma inquired from the bathroom "after, in case we end up having a dinner date with One direction" i said in a playful tone.Emma played along with the act, or what i thought was playing along but she might have been serious. "we better get going" i shouted to her, she came fumbling own the stairs we stared at each other because we realized we were in the same exact outfit. "twin-day" we said in unison with a questionable tone. the traffic was terrible i am surprised we still got there in time. We took our seats and Emma looked around the arena to spot out cute boys then out walked the team. Kurtis came out just when i looked at the field, i could feel the smile growing on my face. "Maddie" Emma said with excitement "Har-Har-Har-Harry st-st-st-st-styles" he was right behind us we were flipping out. "EMMA CALM DOWN HE HEARD YOU" "how do you know" "he is laughing and Niall is pointing at us, WAIT NIALL IS POINTING AT US" i said not even taking my own advice, then Niall started walking towards us, towards me. then harry picked up on Niall's notion and followed him.

Emma's P.O.V

"oh my god Maddie" my face blushing the deepest shade of red then i look over to Maddie. she is calm how the hell is she that calm. "Emma i cant breath" i guess she isn't that calm "Maddie, in and out, in and out". we giggle remembering the Nickelodeon prank. by the time we are done laughing the boys were right by us. "Hi I am harry" I melted from hearing his voice in person "Hi I am Maddie an this is Emma" I am so happy Maddie introduced me. "this is Niall he isn't goodd with talking to beautiful girls such as you" we chuckled "Maddie,is it?" Maddie nods with excitement in her eyes "Niall would like you to have this" i looked onto the paper it was a phone number. "and Emma i would like you to have this" i accepted the paper with his number. Are we physic?

Kurtis' P.O.V

I was passing the ball but first i decided to dribble for a little bit while i looked up to Maddie and her friend, i was gonna ask her out tonight i looked up she was exchanging numbers with a shorter blonde lad, my heart sunk and before i knew it i was laying on the turf.

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